Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bithday girl and hives(?) Cerita lamaa...

Last September on her Bday Salma woke up with puffy eyes and ears. Babah dia sakit belakang the night before so bukalah sleeping bag which we hadn't opened for many years so we suspected kena gigit bug or a spider. We brought her to the doctor and she said allergies la ni. Makan ubat selsema biasa je but in the evening she had rashes all over her body! Flat rashes yang berubah-ubah tempat.

We brought her to another doctor and he prescribed an allergy medication that contained steroids. Don't know whether it was because of the medication or the allergic reaction but other parts of her body started to swell as well. Salma jadi comel bila her cheeks bengkak!heheheh..lama dah tak montel :)

Then Jolie lips! 
Gatal sana, gatal sini, bengkak sana, bengkak sini, I (Dr Suria) diagnosed her with having Hives. After a week of this I finally brought her to a pediatrician who told us to stop the meds with steroids (we only gave it to her for 2 days) and said it was probably an allergic reaction to dust mites. Dia bagi ubat itu ini, but the next day no rashes no puffy this or that. But a few days later ada naik sikit-sikit. The doctor told us to get rid of the sleeping bag and thoroughly clean the room, dust mites tu dah terbang (walk/jump?) sana sini. Haishh..kesian budak kurus ni. Alhamdulillah dah sebulan takde :) 

Dust mites - you stay away!
 Funny, Kentuty, the Why? girl

 ...and Barney

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pusat Sains Negara Dino Exhibit

 Last week we went to Pusat Sains Negara which was our 2nd trip there. After the first trip the kids kept asking to go there, sebut pusat je terus "nak pergi pusat sains!!" Well, Hanan sebut Putat Tains, memang best sangat :) We didn't know pun that they have the dinosaur exhibition, the kids lagila excited. It was an extra RM3 for each ticket to go into the special section of Pusat Sains to see the dinos. Adults jadi RM8 and kids RM5, murahhmurahh

Teringinnya nak masuk the Foam Factory, ada air gun tembak-tembak the foam balls. Hanan didn't go inside cause she was scared of the dinosaurs, the dino exhibit siap tak nak masuk lagi. Hehe, kira bagusla the dinos, they look real enough to scare a kid. If you want to go see it you better go soon cause ada some of the dinos yang dah terkopek hidung etc. ramai orang pegang-pegang kot eventho it says DO NOT TOUCH!

What was really surprising was that PSN had a lot of new attractions, I was expecting the same things so BRAVO!! Bagus-bagus, sangat syok!

Help!Help! Hehe, she kept asking me why were the dinos inside the fence, "so dia tak keluar jalan ye mama?" "Ni tipu-tipu la Hanan, robots je ni" "No, ni betul-betul, aaaaaaa,aaaaa" (takut terkena the tail)

Maya baik je, I guess she was fascinated with the displays, 2 hrs tak nak minum susu! yeehaa

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Debob's favourite toy. Cuddly and it's got a ring that she likes to chew on. Now eveything goes into her mouth!NommNommm, I think my lil baby is ready for food :) Sometimes I give her rice (1 biji je, 1 grain eh?)and she seems to like it but I haven't started her on cereal yet. She cannot sit on her own so I think it's better to wait. She's growing too fast!Huhu

Budak berani tampal

Hanan had her 3rd tooth filling last week. Dah veteran dah, once the dentist called her in she went straight to the chair and lay down on it without any help from me! I was busy with Sumayya but was prepared to hold her hand as usual but she was very brave and confident and not even once called out for me!

Salma had her teeth checked but she's never had a single cavity so she only had her teeth cleaned a bit. Time kumur she sembur kuat gile sampai it sprayed all over the assistant!hahahha, terkejut akak tu!

When I only had Salma and Hanan with no teeth I used to tsktsk silently when I see other children  with bad teeth, apala maknya tak gosok gigi budak-budak. Once I had Hanan with teeth and her persistence I understood that sometimes it's not easy for everyone. I'm just glad and bersyukur that my kids takde gigi JAWS! :) at least for now :P

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby stinky nose and sweet smelling baby's breath

 Never thought I'd be taking pictures of boogers! Haha :P 

This is baby stinky nose. I'd never had this problem with the first two because I don't remember either of them having a stinky nose. This girl hidung tirus sangat kot. I had no idea how to remove it from her nose, I'd be hard to use the nasal thingy takut tercucuk hidung nanti so what I did was borrow her finger and korek her nose with loosened the booger a bit then i carefully wiped her nose with water and made sure a tiny bit got inside her nose, sikit je. With one big sneeze alhamdulillah keluarlah the gigantic, sticky and smelly tahi hidung! Berjaya! I did this a few times jugak.

Now, barulah I can smell the sweet smelling baby's breath. Hmmm, I have this for another couple years. Time to savour it! :D 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Salma si soya bean

Looking forward to Salma's graduation day. The kids will be singing about sampah so Salma will be wearing a soya bean drink costume. Jadi sampah, hehe. She complained she couldn't sit while wearing the costume :)

Another couple weeks and it'll be the school hols. Hmmm, layan gaduh je la kalau takde activity...either that or cartoon marathon! @_@ Thinking of enrolling her into an art class, tapi tak jumpa lagi. Any around bangi area?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let's party!

3 months!

Debob in the house! The party hat is from Hadi's friend's housewarming and lil boy's bday party. Sekarang housewarming siap pasang kemah lagi. We've got a few hundred relatives and friends kat KL ni, if we decide to do the housewarming kenduri it'll be like a wedding!!

Rindu Kerteh

Kids at our favorite roti canai place in Kerteh, depan Sek Badrul. Sanggup meredah hujan tu! The moment we stepped under the roof Hanan said "Haaaa, nilah yang adik nak!" We used to have to come here all the time because Hanan would insist on eating here, no other roti canai would do. The teh ais pun sedap :)~

We enjoyed ourselves, met up with friends, spent money at Mesra Mall and no housework for moi! Bila balik bertimbun laundry and tak kosong-kosong lagi sampai sekarang T_T

I still miss Kerteh but when we arrived at our place after a few days there it finally felt like home. Hehe, pasni pindah lagi, what a life, home is where the heart is yada yada. Rindu rumah Kerteh T_T

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bobob in the house!

Miss debob, she's so heavy that sometimes I hurt my back while bathing her..huhu. Lepas ni shower jelah baby. Otherwise she's the easiest baby, when we switch off the lights at night she knows its time to sleep. Ever since she was born she was able to drink milk even during let down where the milk flow is very fast. The other 2 girls used to let go and get their faces sprayed with milk...miss debob minum straight je.

She loves going out in the car and dah teman mama beli tudung dah, the first time which she berak on her babah..haha. Habis babah kena her poop! Luckily one of the shops ada bathroom and I ended up giving her a shower there.

She's started drooling (why?) and sucking her fingers when she's hungry. I hope she's not teething..too early for teeth, I do not want to get my body parts injured!

When she's alone she's usually looking at her hands, cross-eyed. Lawak je, she recently discovered her hands no now she's practicing touching toys and her sisters' hair.

Hanan can't wait for Sumayya to start crawling, I told her it'll be sometime close to her birthday. Hopefully Sumayya's weight won't stop her from trying! Hanan had a hard time crawling when she was a baby. I think my milk has too much fat content!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Smelly Sally

Hadi took this pic for her SRA registration form. Next year she'll be in standard one! Tua nya saya.

She's wearing her Al-Fatih tudung, I've only praises for that kindy...bagus sangat. Salma told me she learned how to solat raya and solat duduk a couple months back. Things that we should teach but as busy parents tak teringat pun nak ajar. She's currently reading Malay comics and English books for it that she's picking up the habit tapi suka main computer games jugak!

Hopefully she'll love her new school, pagi petang sekolah, bracing myself for lotsa whining next year.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby ku bibik

Tadi ada part time maid datang rumah. After the maid balik Hanan brought up a silly idea
Hanan: Mama, sama sangatkan baby dengan bibik. Panggil baby bibik lah, boleh mama?
Me: Eyy, mana boleh!
Hanan: Please mama please, panggil sumayya bay-bik!
Me: T_T
 Hanan wearing her fave t-shirt

The other day we were all watching anda ada 60 saat. Hanan semangat je cakap "Mama, adik nak masuk tv ni sebab ada terrer sangat". Hehe, I bet if the show is still on when she's an adult mesti dia pi masuk! Hanan Sara@ 3 +: adventurous, funny, stubborn, wants to be a boy :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our little baby is 2 months +. She's smiling a lot and already has her own laugh which is so adorable. Loves when we sing 'lompat si katak lompat'. She babbles and loves it when her sisters play with her although she finds it quiet annoying when her sisters kiss her non stop. We'll be going to the doctor soon for her 2 months jab, a little bit late as she has the sniffles. Agaknya-agaknya weigh in time berapa kg budak mimok ni..hmmm, my guess is 6.6kg...we'll wait and see..

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


AgeNighttime sleepDaytime sleepAverage total sleep
2 years10.5 to 12.5 hours1 to 3 hours (1 nap)11.5 to 15.5 hours
3 years10.5 to 12.5 hours1 to 3 hours (1 nap)11 to 14 hours
4 years10 to 12 hours0 to 2.5 hours (1 or no nap)10 to 13 hours
5 years10 to 12 hours0 to 2.5 hours (1 or no nap)10 to 12.5 hours
6 years10 to 11.5 hoursnone10 to 11.5 hours
7 years9.5 to 11.5 hoursnone9.5 to 11.5 hours
8 years9.5 to 11.5 hoursnone9.5 to 11.5 hours
*Note: The two sets of numbers don't always add up because children who take longer naps tend to sleep fewer hours at night, and vice versa.

Got this from How do I get my children to sleep longer hours?! I need the zzzz but they're always so energetic even before bedtime. Once we're upstairs they'll start jumping on the bed and play wrestling T_T.

I never get to nap because they have to report everything to me or need to use the bathroom every time I close my eyes.

The only person getting enough sleep is Sumayya..hehe. Anytime anywhere, hmmm, it'll be great to be Sumayya for just one day :) ZzzzZZZ

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hehe, budak boolat sangat sampai mata dah tenggelam!

Haritu we were at the clinic for Salma's check up so timbang sekali budak mimok ni..she was 5.95kg. The doc said "bagusla, 1 kg/month ye?" Hehe, terkejut doc when we told her she's only 6 weeks old. 

Last week pulak at a friend's open house the host tanya "baby dah 5 bulan ke?"

She loves sleeping on my chest, sekarang ni pun I dah susah nafas, don't know whether I'll be able to sleep if she gets any heavier! :)

Hanan Mimpi

A conversation with Hanan yesterday morning:

Hanan: Mama, boleh makan candy?
Me: No lah, belum breakfast pun
Hanan: Semalam kita pergi rumah siapa?
Me:Hmm?Mana ada pergi rumah orang
Hanan: Oh(pause). Adik mimpi adik pergi rumah orang tak tau siapa then adik tertinggal candy adik kat rumah tu, banyak sangat, bersepah-sepah (pause). Mama, boleh candy?
Me:Noooo T_T

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir dan Batin :)

Hadi's mom was in the hospital during raya so raya was a bit different this year. She fell down and knocked her head on the floor a few days before Syawal which resulted in a concussion. A day before raya the doctor removed the blood clots in the brain and now she's recuperating at home. Please pray for her a speedy recovery :)

Luckily I could fit into the kebaya which I sent to the tailor when I was a few months pregnant. Hadi's baju was missing as most of our stuff are still in boxes. Punyala he punggah everything but still couldn't find his baju Melayu pants. Rupa-rupanya was under the bed at his parent's. He left the baju at home so berjubahla Mr Kod tahun ni..hehe. Well, at least we matched. I couldn't find a matching tudung so I wore my old tudung bawal, tokey tudung ni dah almost 2 years tak pakai bawal, hehe. Maybe I should sell them at thehijabstore..nak tak?hehe

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do you think Hanan looks like her Babah in this picture? I've always wondered where she got her eyes, rupa-rupanya from the dad. Couldn't tell before because Hadi's eyes aren't sepet anymore..hehe. Daddy's girl, asik cakap adik boy, babah boy.Huhu 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby mimok

Hello! Here's Sumayya @ 5 weeks :) she's a super chubby baby weighing at 5.2kgs. Padanla mama sakit belakang...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011


This baby is waiting till the last minute! Hopefully tak overdue..huhu.

This is the first time for me having braxton hicks contractions throughout the day, and some very close together so asik ingat going into labor tapi tak pun..lagi la suspense!

Me: Baby tengah swim dalam tummy mama, dia duduk dalam water tau
Hanan: Ooooooo, mesti dia ada slide kan? Mesti ada kan...woww!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Viva Home

We went to Viva Home yesterday ingat nak survey-survey kitchen cabinets. What we should've done was look it up on the Internet first. There weren't a lot of shops selling it or else kita tak perasan.

What they actually have are a lot of shops selling mid-range to high end furniture. Saw a nice sofa bed on sale for RM950 but it was a twin-bed size. IKEA pun sell it at about the same price but this one had a nicer cover. Tapi tak beli pun :( Berangan-angan first sambil kumpul duit.

The kids went crazy bila nampak the furniture shop for kids, there was a Cinderella bed, a double decker bus bed, macam -macam lah and as usual Hanan would point at each item and request it for her birthday. Shopping with Hanan memang pening, even to buy groceries..

Hanan: Adik nak yang ni..(pointing to the jelly candy from China :P)
Me: No adik, tak boleh, this one tak halal
Hanan: Alaaa..tapi adik nak yang ni
Me: Cari yang ada halal
Hanan: Ok...tapi adik nak ni for birthday
Me: Hmmm...ok

Then she picks up the a candy then points at everything else and lets me know that

Hanan: Adik nak ni jugak for bithday...and ni pun..and nii...and nii...adik nak semua ni for birthday ok?
Me: Okayyyy

They same thing happens at every store we go to..she doesn't stop talking about wanting everything for her birthday sampaila we leave the store. I think she's going to be really disappointed this February..hahaha

Anyway, I was happy we went there cause I got a really delicious Subway sandwich and 40% off Luminarc glass containers :) Easier than storing leftovers in Tupperware, this one goes straight into the microwave.

I don't think we'll be visiting the place anytime soon, hmm maybe for the Subway sandwich, I'll have to think about it..sebab sedap sangat! The guy working behind the counter probably has a flair for making yummy sandwiches. Next stop - Macy's!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yesterday I was late for my appointment with the gyne, so I rushed out of the car sampai orang sebelah nak bukak pintu pun tak perasan. He signaled me to go first so I waved thank you at him then walked quickly to the sidewalk. Then the most embarrassing and painful thing happened, I tripped and fell down like a cempedak busuk. My big toe tersadung dengan besi (bodoh) that was sticking out of the ground! I must've made a loud noise when I fell down cause a lot of people were looking at me. The guy from the car had a really shocked look on his face, I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

I fell right in front of a gerai where a lot of people were having their lunch. Bila tersadung to everything looked like it was going in slow motion..why is that eh? I remember during my first year in Purdue the car I was in slipped on ice and the car turned almost a full circle on the road, masa tu pun everything moved in slow motion, what happens to our brain ye in moments of panic?

Anyway, I fell on my knees and hands and had a 50 cent hole in my jeans from the fall. Seluar baru!! People helped me up, siap bagi chair suruh duduk, huhu. I was so embarassed, I said my thank yous and rushed to the hospital, I really felt like crying sebab sakitnya lutut saya.Once again people stared at me, well stared at the hole in my jeans, siap ada yang pointed at it lagi..hahahaha. Luckily, soon enough it was my turn to see the doctor. She did an ultrasound scan to check the placenta, everything was okay. She said if there was anything wrong with the pregnancy a touch to the belly will make it harden. She also ordered a CTG to check the baby's heartbeat. Alhamdulillah semua okay. The CTG also detected one contraction and the nurses cakap tak lama lagi la tu..hehe.

Last nite the braxton hicks contractions increased, so I got the bags ready, ingat tengah malam we'll be on our way to the hospital.

But nooo, I'm still pregnant! 9 days to go!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hmm...penat menunggu nak bersalin ni. Kept checking for the bloody show or leaking amniotic fluid but so far I'm still pregnant and no signs of impending labor. 12 days to go so I'll be trying my best to distract my thoughts from thinking bila nak bersalin nih?? kalau tak i'll be anxious for no reason.

Today I decided to go shopping with the kids. First time keluar with the kids without Hadi. We went to a bookstore, had lunch at Salma's fave place - Sushi King and went clothes shopping. We all had fun and tak fikir pun pasal bersalin except when we first got there perut saya memulas, was a false alarm but still cuak!

Next on the list is to ambil gambar tudung, I intended to wait after bersalin but being busy will keep my mind occupied.

Tried watching NurKasih the movie but I kept crying, baru half and hour into the movie dah nangis 4 kali kot..huhu. Overly emotional :P I've just started reading the book P/s I love you by Cecilia Ahern pun the first few pages dah menangis. When I'm not cying I'm Momzilla!Salma brings out the evil mother in me..hehe..I wish she would listen to half the things I say to her. Ni in terus out. Hopefully with the baby out my hormones would stabilize and I'll be a normal person again..bila tu? Hehe

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kedai gunting

Yesterday I noticed that Hanan's hair was a bit different. A few days ago I trimmed her bangs tapi now belah kiri telinga was about two inches shorter then the rest..takkan la sampai terlajak gunting sampai macam tu.

Me: Hanan, rambut adik ni funny lah, mama tersalah potong ke ni?
Hanan: Tak, Salma yang potong rambut adik masa main baby baby (hehe,after she finished saying this her face changed ,muka orang terkantoi pecah rahsia)

Hish, rupanya they took turns cutting each other's hair. Salma's wasn't that obvious cause she has short hair, Hanan punya yang lopsided betul.

Me: Lain kali siapa main gunting-gunting rambut mama botakkan terus! Understand?!

Hopefully they won't do this again and alhamdulillah no ears got snipped!Hehe 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthing positions

Yesterday nite I was flipping through my pregnancy book, refreshing my memory on things to come soon. Dah 2 kali bersalin but the anxiety is still there. Anxious, scared and rasa loya. I had the same feelings when I bought the book 6 years ago, Yo ended up having to choose one for me.

I think my first birthing experience with Salma was the worst. We had gone shopping the night before and when we got back Hadi had the nesting instinct so he was arranging furniture until late at night. At around four my water broke and we rushed to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital I had already started having painful contractions. Sleep deprived and tired the nurses recommended pethidine so that I can rest. So tidolah kejap, the pain was still there but bearable, mimpi gorilla la macam-macam and somehow with the medication you weren't sure whether you were dreaming ke betul-betul. Macam high je.

By 10am the medication wasn't working anymore, I wanted another jab but the doctor came and said my labor wasn't progressing well (duh, I was lying down on the bed sleeping) so she wanted to induce the labor with pitocin. I asked her for an epidural first cause I had read that it's going to hurt but my gyne said the doctor who administers the epidural was on his way so we should just start the drip. Bykla on his way, the doc was late as he had an emergency and pitocin was HELL!The contractions were so strong and while I was possibly dying from the pain my PIL,BIL and nephew decided to show up and chat. I only wanted to strangle Hadi's neck! I was wheeled to the labor room where my MIL decided to follow and rub my tummy sambil baca-baca doa. I told her please don't, please don't but she persisted..heheh. I was already looking like a crazy woman so one glare at Hadi and his mom was out of the room.

I don't know whether they gave me a super dose of pitocin ke apa but there wasn't a resting phase between the contractions so I could barely breathe. Masa tulah they gave me the epidural, gahh. Immediately after, my gyne did a VE and I was already 10cm dilated, patutnya tak payah epidural pun! My legs were in stirrups and I didn't feel the urge to push at all, so the pushing part took almost an hour + episiotomy!So lahirlah Salma ke dunia ini dengan kepala yang lonjong :)

How can a person possibly have an easy labor in this position??

It was easier the second time round with Hanan. We had the labor induced as the amniotic fluid volume was quite low. I love, love, love the doctor. She took everything slowly and listened to what I wanted instead of trying to rush things. Induce guna pill, first day half a pill, then the next morning another half.  I was only about 1 cm dilated after the first half, a couple hours after the 2nd half barulah the labor progressed and I was having painful contractions. I had the painful contractions for about 2 hours je and though I asked for painkillers the nurses/midwife buat tak layan je. I was glad as it was still bearable, I could still breathe. I was wheeled to the labor room and there the contractions were stronger and closer apart, that's where the happy gas rescued me and made me happy again. :) Doctor tak sampai lagi and I was already full dilated, when I had the urge to push the doctor pun sampai and asked me to sit in a squatting position while holding my ankles and position my butt on the bed. 3 kali push and Hanan popped out!

Hehe, so insyaallah the third one terus keluar je boleh tak? Some people cannot even feel their contractions. I want to be one of them!!

Ada tak jual TENS machine kat Malaysia ni,siapa tau?

P/s ada kat for RM190! Siapa pernah guna? Berbaloi tak?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Found this lovely website, siap boleh design your kitchen without having to download anything. Best2 but I still haven't figured out what I want to do with the kitchen..kalau ada gambar best bagi link please..thanks :)

P/s website ni macam tak betul lah pulak..baru je bersemangat nak design. IKEA punya best!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things to do

Insyaallah 35 days to go! Can't wait to meet the little baby. Hadi's already given the baby her name and he's already started to call her by name so macam tak boleh tukar dah..huhu..boleh tak? He kinda did that with Salma jugak, I had the last say in Hanan's name so I guess the next baby will be my turn pulak to name the baby :)

I've got the baby's bag ready but I've yet to pack for myself and the kids. I'm not really that worried as the hospital is just 15 mins away. Dulu it was more than an hours drive to Kuantan so we had to be well prepared. Sekarang relax-relax je :) Though sometimes I do wish that I could deliver the baby there, I like the doctor, the hospital, the midwife and the nurses..semua baik-baik and most importantly, they have the wonderful happy gas in the labor room. Annur takde pulak and I just found out about it a few weeks ago..huhu. I keep praying that it won't be a painful labor and I won't be needing any painkillers..hehe.Amin

I'm currently battling heartburn and I don't think there's any more space left for the baby in my abdomen. She's kicking my ribs and tickling my bladder and I can never get a dreamless sleep. I dream about weird stuff, tornado pun ada masuk mimpi. The most worrisome thing is that my appetite's suddenly increased, insatiable hunger and cravings for coke! Oh my, mesti gemuk mendadak lepas ni!!!! T_T

The kids are looking forward to the baby, can't believe I'll be the mother of three soon! We've just ordered an MPV, tho the heart wishes for a small sporty car, the makcik truly needs an MPV to haul all her kids. T_T Makcik T_T Now there's no mistaking me for a 24 year old..ehhehe

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan MFC

MFC, we thought it was for Malaysian Fried Chicken but the M is actually for  Muzdalfa. Fast food joint ala-ala Arab kot cause they also have nasi arab on the menu, nama yang ada mandi2 tu. Other than the rice they also serve pizza and the rest tu similar to KFC.

Sedap tak?

Hehe, I had the chicken set + the mashed potatoes. The fries were lembik so Salma cakap the fries "sedap sangat!!" cause she likes hers lembik. The chicken was too oily for me, and I didn't really like the rest, yang paling best was my pepsi!

The kids loved the place though,just look at the size of the playland..asik ajak pergi lagi.Huhu..will we go there again? Well, Hadi belum try lagi so I'll give it another shot, hopefully their pizzas are tastier than the chicken.

The one we went to is located in Bangi, close to Seri Bangi. Baru je bukak this month if I'm not mistaken. Trylah :)