Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rindu Kerteh

Kids at our favorite roti canai place in Kerteh, depan Sek Badrul. Sanggup meredah hujan tu! The moment we stepped under the roof Hanan said "Haaaa, nilah yang adik nak!" We used to have to come here all the time because Hanan would insist on eating here, no other roti canai would do. The teh ais pun sedap :)~

We enjoyed ourselves, met up with friends, spent money at Mesra Mall and no housework for moi! Bila balik bertimbun laundry and tak kosong-kosong lagi sampai sekarang T_T

I still miss Kerteh but when we arrived at our place after a few days there it finally felt like home. Hehe, pasni pindah lagi, what a life, home is where the heart is yada yada. Rindu rumah Kerteh T_T

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