Monday, March 28, 2011


Yesterday Salma asked me to tell Hanan that little sisters kena ikut big sisters bila solat. When I told Hanan that, she said NO! Of course anything Salma suruh she would say no. Then I heard Salma saying, "siapa tak solat kena pergi tempat ada fire tu, neraka!" Hehehe

She learned that from her ustazah at Kafa. I hope the ustazah also teaches the kids about the importance of doing solat and not just about what happens if you don't do it. So ceritala kat Salma sikit-sikit why we have to perform the prayers..dia angguk-angguk je but kept on saying "betul, ustazah kata pergi neraka!" @_@

Tadi we got back late from the mall, it was already Maghrib so Salma told me she knows that Shaitan comes out masa Maghrib and that shaitan tu ghosts. So I ceritala from the beginning masa ada Nabi Adam where shaitan promised to lead people astray -fighting, killing, not doing good deeds.

Salma: Hanan ni asik ikut cakap shaitan!!

Hmmmmmm..speechless, tak tau nak ckp apa dah

Monday, March 7, 2011

7 (almost) years ago Yo took our first picture at the beach in Kemasik, I was pregnant with Salma then. Two city kids stuck in kampung - we were always complaining to other people what a boring life we lead. Now 7 years later, this kampung is home :) We love it here.  Can't believe next month we'll be packing our stuff and moving to a different state, balik ke city but what's really ironic is that the 'city' we're moving to is so much more kampung then what Kerteh is now. Hehe, to KL but back to kampung life! 

Hanan took this pic of us with Hadi's DSLR. Good job eh?Senget je sket (Hadi muka ketat takut camera jatuh)