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Insyaallah 35 days to go! Can't wait to meet the little baby. Hadi's already given the baby her name and he's already started to call her by name so macam tak boleh tukar dah..huhu..boleh tak? He kinda did that with Salma jugak, I had the last say in Hanan's name so I guess the next baby will be my turn pulak to name the baby :)

I've got the baby's bag ready but I've yet to pack for myself and the kids. I'm not really that worried as the hospital is just 15 mins away. Dulu it was more than an hours drive to Kuantan so we had to be well prepared. Sekarang relax-relax je :) Though sometimes I do wish that I could deliver the baby there, I like the doctor, the hospital, the midwife and the nurses..semua baik-baik and most importantly, they have the wonderful happy gas in the labor room. Annur takde pulak and I just found out about it a few weeks ago..huhu. I keep praying that it won't be a painful labor and I won't be needing any painkillers..hehe.Amin

I'm currently battling heartburn and I don't think there's any more space left for the baby in my abdomen. She's kicking my ribs and tickling my bladder and I can never get a dreamless sleep. I dream about weird stuff, tornado pun ada masuk mimpi. The most worrisome thing is that my appetite's suddenly increased, insatiable hunger and cravings for coke! Oh my, mesti gemuk mendadak lepas ni!!!! T_T

The kids are looking forward to the baby, can't believe I'll be the mother of three soon! We've just ordered an MPV, tho the heart wishes for a small sporty car, the makcik truly needs an MPV to haul all her kids. T_T Makcik T_T Now there's no mistaking me for a 24 year old..ehhehe


lucky said…
wishing u smooth sailing on your delivery... inshaAllah selamat semuanya :D
suria said…
thanks dora :)
iza said…
All the best Su! harap sume ok.. Mesti cute mcm kakak2 dia..
suria said…
thanks iza! pasni ur turn pulak insyaallah..bila due ye?jan?

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