Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yesterday I was late for my appointment with the gyne, so I rushed out of the car sampai orang sebelah nak bukak pintu pun tak perasan. He signaled me to go first so I waved thank you at him then walked quickly to the sidewalk. Then the most embarrassing and painful thing happened, I tripped and fell down like a cempedak busuk. My big toe tersadung dengan besi (bodoh) that was sticking out of the ground! I must've made a loud noise when I fell down cause a lot of people were looking at me. The guy from the car had a really shocked look on his face, I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

I fell right in front of a gerai where a lot of people were having their lunch. Bila tersadung to everything looked like it was going in slow motion..why is that eh? I remember during my first year in Purdue the car I was in slipped on ice and the car turned almost a full circle on the road, masa tu pun everything moved in slow motion, what happens to our brain ye in moments of panic?

Anyway, I fell on my knees and hands and had a 50 cent hole in my jeans from the fall. Seluar baru!! People helped me up, siap bagi chair suruh duduk, huhu. I was so embarassed, I said my thank yous and rushed to the hospital, I really felt like crying sebab sakitnya lutut saya.Once again people stared at me, well stared at the hole in my jeans, siap ada yang pointed at it lagi..hahahaha. Luckily, soon enough it was my turn to see the doctor. She did an ultrasound scan to check the placenta, everything was okay. She said if there was anything wrong with the pregnancy a touch to the belly will make it harden. She also ordered a CTG to check the baby's heartbeat. Alhamdulillah semua okay. The CTG also detected one contraction and the nurses cakap tak lama lagi la tu..hehe.

Last nite the braxton hicks contractions increased, so I got the bags ready, ingat tengah malam we'll be on our way to the hospital.

But nooo, I'm still pregnant! 9 days to go!


Azean said...

Really glad to know that u and the baby are ok.

Last time masa i pregnant kat Aisyah, I jatuh terduduk while i was carrying Adlan. That night terus trigger contraction. Aisyah was born 5 weeks early.

Anyway, can't wait to see the baby soon!

suria said...

wow..awalnya baby still tak nak keluar :( but usually I go into labor dekat-dekat due date dah. tak sabar rasanya...though sekarang ni asik braxton hicks and ada painful contractions jugak..cuma tak regular.

Azean said...

haah awal.. :( tp nasib baik takde pape. since it was a surprise, takde sape available that night to baby sit adlan. so, kitorg angkut sekali dia masuk labor room. he witnessed the birth of his baby sister! (dia tido throughout the labor sebenarnya. haha) Aisyah keluar at 4am.

elok la kalau u slalu bersalin around ur due date. takde la terkejut mcm kitorg nih. hehe..

good luck! anytime dah nih :)

Ila said...

Su, take care...
Ila doakan su n baby selamat semuanya. Moga Allah mudah kan proses bersalin nnt, jgn lupa update dear...take care. Hugs n kisses to 2 cik kenit comel

suria said...

hehe,yeke? i rasa my two girls pun sgt berminat nak masuk labor room :)

thanks ila :)

Ijannina said...

Yeah i think mmg ms jatuh or panicking things move in slow motion. I pnh tron water slides too fast tenggelam dlm air rasa lama giler but hubby said 2 saat je I was in the water:)