Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby stinky nose and sweet smelling baby's breath

 Never thought I'd be taking pictures of boogers! Haha :P 

This is baby stinky nose. I'd never had this problem with the first two because I don't remember either of them having a stinky nose. This girl hidung tirus sangat kot. I had no idea how to remove it from her nose, I'd be hard to use the nasal thingy takut tercucuk hidung nanti so what I did was borrow her finger and korek her nose with loosened the booger a bit then i carefully wiped her nose with water and made sure a tiny bit got inside her nose, sikit je. With one big sneeze alhamdulillah keluarlah the gigantic, sticky and smelly tahi hidung! Berjaya! I did this a few times jugak.

Now, barulah I can smell the sweet smelling baby's breath. Hmmm, I have this for another couple years. Time to savour it! :D 


iza said...

comel nye budak kecik ni..

Gooseberry//Yo said...

update ler