Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Maya's 2!

Celebrated Maya's birthday on raya eve. It was a week late cause babah and Thaqif were not around the week of her birthday. Maya's been waiting for her bday celebration since forever!
I made a sorry butter cake (Salma cakap sedap!), since we're not fans of cake I wanted to make half of the recipe so we don't waste any. Haha, punyala multitasking haritu that I missed the part where it said ' self-raising flour'!!!T_T The cake didn't rise and looked like a giant bahulu. The kids said "Takkan kecik ni je mama??" So I made another batch this time with baking powder!!hahaha

Turned out the first one tasted better than the second. 

The icing is cream cheese frosting, Salma licked the bowl clean, it's her favourite =)

Salma and Hanan decorated the cake while the birthday girl stood watching, so ready for the grand moment.

Yayy, finally she got to blow the candles (3 times that day, and previously a few weeks ago, 5 times on Elisa's bday cake). Thaqif pun dah pandai appreciate birthdays =)

Look at my little happy bunny!

Okay, this is probably the second round..

My lil' helpers =)

Yay, puzzle book from Cik Cah

She kept pushing the ringing button and said " Call, call"

Finally, the performance from little Barney Maya...memang bersungguh. She's currently in the Barney phase and just lovesss Barney's jungle adventure video.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Me: Sorry mama garang tonight, sebab bila kita nak period, kadang-kadang kita ada PMS and buat kita tak sabar.
Salma: ooooooo

Next day

Salma: Mama, Baihaki kata mama garang macam gorilla
Me: Whattt? Why tiba-tiba dia cakap macam tu
Salma: Ye la, sebab Salma cerita kat dia bila mama saya ada period blablabla
Me: Whatttt????Dia tau ke period tu apa? Why did you tell him?Warghhh..orang tak cerita la benda-benda macam ni,huhuhu


Hanan: Wah, Mama garang macam haritu
Me: hmmm
Salma: Oh, mama still ada blood ke? Apatu.... CPU lagi? (she meant PMS)
Me: hahahhaha