Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hmm...penat menunggu nak bersalin ni. Kept checking for the bloody show or leaking amniotic fluid but so far I'm still pregnant and no signs of impending labor. 12 days to go so I'll be trying my best to distract my thoughts from thinking bila nak bersalin nih?? kalau tak i'll be anxious for no reason.

Today I decided to go shopping with the kids. First time keluar with the kids without Hadi. We went to a bookstore, had lunch at Salma's fave place - Sushi King and went clothes shopping. We all had fun and tak fikir pun pasal bersalin except when we first got there perut saya memulas, was a false alarm but still cuak!

Next on the list is to ambil gambar tudung, I intended to wait after bersalin but being busy will keep my mind occupied.

Tried watching NurKasih the movie but I kept crying, baru half and hour into the movie dah nangis 4 kali kot..huhu. Overly emotional :P I've just started reading the book P/s I love you by Cecilia Ahern pun the first few pages dah menangis. When I'm not cying I'm Momzilla!Salma brings out the evil mother in me..hehe..I wish she would listen to half the things I say to her. Ni in terus out. Hopefully with the baby out my hormones would stabilize and I'll be a normal person again..bila tu? Hehe

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Ijannina said...

OmG u cant read ps I love you during pregnant! Try sth lighter like shoppaholic:)