Viva Home

We went to Viva Home yesterday ingat nak survey-survey kitchen cabinets. What we should've done was look it up on the Internet first. There weren't a lot of shops selling it or else kita tak perasan.

What they actually have are a lot of shops selling mid-range to high end furniture. Saw a nice sofa bed on sale for RM950 but it was a twin-bed size. IKEA pun sell it at about the same price but this one had a nicer cover. Tapi tak beli pun :( Berangan-angan first sambil kumpul duit.

The kids went crazy bila nampak the furniture shop for kids, there was a Cinderella bed, a double decker bus bed, macam -macam lah and as usual Hanan would point at each item and request it for her birthday. Shopping with Hanan memang pening, even to buy groceries..

Hanan: Adik nak yang ni..(pointing to the jelly candy from China :P)
Me: No adik, tak boleh, this one tak halal
Hanan: Alaaa..tapi adik nak yang ni
Me: Cari yang ada halal
Hanan: Ok...tapi adik nak ni for birthday
Me: Hmmm...ok

Then she picks up the a candy then points at everything else and lets me know that

Hanan: Adik nak ni jugak for bithday...and ni pun..and nii...and nii...adik nak semua ni for birthday ok?
Me: Okayyyy

They same thing happens at every store we go to..she doesn't stop talking about wanting everything for her birthday sampaila we leave the store. I think she's going to be really disappointed this February..hahaha

Anyway, I was happy we went there cause I got a really delicious Subway sandwich and 40% off Luminarc glass containers :) Easier than storing leftovers in Tupperware, this one goes straight into the microwave.

I don't think we'll be visiting the place anytime soon, hmm maybe for the Subway sandwich, I'll have to think about it..sebab sedap sangat! The guy working behind the counter probably has a flair for making yummy sandwiches. Next stop - Macy's!


MammaSun said…
Viva home memang serabut....
suria said…
:) heard abt ur husband fr fahimeh, dulu kt kerteh asik tgk ur hse and pk apalah agaknya condition husband you. I'm glad that he's okay :)

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