Thursday, June 13, 2013

 As usual, during school holidays wherever the Mr goes, the girls will follow. Last school holiday pergi Kerteh, semua happy! Haha, this is the time where I'll get to run my errands dengan hati yang tenang. Update buku Tabung Haji, ASB etc, then goodbye to Salma's two loose teeth. Punyalah jauh nak cabut gigi =) So far she's got 4 teeth out, her latest 2 are still under the pillow waiting for the toothfairy (mama asik lupa)

 The girls get to visit their friends = ) Me too. How I miss the old gang ♥
There are two Hanans in the pics, guess the other one..hihi

We've stayed in Awana banyak kali but this is the first time I let the kids do the batik painting. RM15 a piece but if you buy the batik painting set inside the store it's only RM10/kid. The lady was very helpful, I didn't have to do anything! It was great cause Sumayya refused to be near the table -_- one quirk a day eh. The girls did a wonderful job, lupa pulak nak snap a pic of the completed paintings.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Karate Kid

This kid really enjoyed punching her friend =) Salma on the other hand said she didn't like it and said she can only punch Hanan. Haha. Sisterly 'love'. Salma said if she were to fight with Hanan it won't be Karate but she will automatically do wrestling moves. Macam-macam la Sally =)