Jalan-jalan Cari Makan MFC

MFC, we thought it was for Malaysian Fried Chicken but the M is actually for  Muzdalfa. Fast food joint ala-ala Arab kot cause they also have nasi arab on the menu, nama yang ada mandi2 tu. Other than the rice they also serve pizza and the rest tu similar to KFC.

Sedap tak?

Hehe, I had the chicken set + the mashed potatoes. The fries were lembik so Salma cakap the fries "sedap sangat!!" cause she likes hers lembik. The chicken was too oily for me, and I didn't really like the rest, yang paling best was my pepsi!

The kids loved the place though,just look at the size of the playland..asik ajak pergi lagi.Huhu..will we go there again? Well, Hadi belum try lagi so I'll give it another shot, hopefully their pizzas are tastier than the chicken.

The one we went to is located in Bangi, close to Seri Bangi. Baru je bukak this month if I'm not mistaken. Trylah :)


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