Saturday, January 30, 2010

Duta Village, Kuantan

Salma, her new donkey and Hanan, right before Hanan jumped off into the deep end. Luckily she had her floats on!

We saw some guys para sailing. It looked like so much fun, but I don't know how to swim! :( Nice beach though, landai.

Salma parked her donkey under my handbag, when I lifted the bag the donkey escaped at super speed!I had to run after the float..haha...malu betul, adalah about 30meters :P People were laughing at me..hoho

First time Hanan really enjoyed the beach.Usually she'll be brushing off sand from her feet and complaining about it. This time siap mandi lagi :)

Me and Mr No smiley..hahaha. I'll be lucky to get a pic of him smiling. Thanks Hadi for a nice weekend getaway :) and congratulations on getting a nice hotel at a good price.

Yo, macam coroline kan?

Salma's drawing, I guess her theme is fun under the sun..hehe. All three drawings ada sun :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

ParenThots MPH Contest

Siapa nak menang books?

Saw this ad in the newspaper yesterday- . All you need to do is answer a few simple questions and attach a photo of you and your family reading. We love reading but I don' t think we have a nice photo of us doing just that..

Mr Husswan, we are ready to pose... :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Taman Rekreasi and Mini Zoo Kemaman

This pic has nothing to do with the zoo :) My girls, especially Hanan, make silly faces all the time! Rasa nak cubitttt and gigit je! Haritu I was teaching Salma her Bacalah Anakku book which her school uses for teaching the kids Bahasa Melayu. We were reading A, I, U and bila sampai part I, ada pictures of itik, ikan and ibu..guess what she said for ibu? was so funny!The ibu in the book was wearing a tudung that is similar to what the bibiks around here are wearing, nampak macam tudung awning yang pendek..haha. Kids say the funniest things.

Here are some pics of the mini zoo. Salma's standing in front of an 'elephant'. The real elephants were missing!I heard some guy telling his kids that the elephants were on loan so kena pulang balik. There weren't a lot of animals but the kids enjoyed it. Ada two giant fish, an otter, 2 bears, kasawari, ostriches and lots of other birds. Even the Assalamualaikum bird pun ada. That was Salma's favourite at Melaka zoo :)

The zoo's pretty shaded and Alhamdulillah no mosquitoes! I was expecting the zoo to be hot since it's still new, rupa-rupanya they just added the roads and structures inside the forest so they've got really tall langsat, manggis trees etc in the zoo. No wonder a lot of fuss was made during the announcement of Terengganu having its own zoo. What they did was just change the animals' natural habitat and turned it into cages. Kesian the bears, banyak sangat feces dalam kandang dia :( I hope they take better care of the bears.

Well, everybody had fun and we'll definitely visit again to check on the bears :)

For more info, visit

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Salma dancing

Salma just loves watching So You Think You Can Dance..I pun love that show especially when it's Katee and Joshua dancing. They're so great together! Ever since she started watching that show with me her dance moves dah totally different from the usual swing left swing right. Kat rumah lagi overrr her dance moves but we really enjoy it :)

Salma@School part 3

Last week:

Salma: Ada boy kat school Salma ni sooo funny...ahhahhaha
Me: Apa yang funny?
Salma: Dia draw fruits ada mukaaa...hahahah.....hahahha
Me: Siapa nama dia?

This week:

Salma: Ada uncle kat school Salma sooooo funny...ahahahah
Me: Uncle apa? Dia pukul lipas ke? ( She told me that she saw a roach in her classroom)
Salma: No, uncle tu ada janggut. He's so funny
Me: (Pikir punya pikir) Ustaz ke Salma, dia ajar pray semua?
Salma: A'a. Dia ajar pray like this and this...penat sangat...

I guess the boy and uncle is actually her ustaz. Hehe...padanla this week rajin pulak dia baca Bismillah..hehe

Monday, January 18, 2010

Our weekend

Salma and the pokok kacang boto

She's always sticking out her tongue like that..geram!!

Yay..Hanan can climb all the way up..

Clown no.1, clown no.2

Salma@Kuala Kerteh

Last weekend was great! After 5 years or more we finally went bowling. It was reeally fun but my scores were terrible! During the second game the kids were really bored so when it was my turn I just baling je the bowling ball so that i could do it real quick and get back to the girls..which ended up with me cleaning the longkang and scored my all time low = 50!!!Haha

In the evening we went to the new playground at Kuala Kerteh. We haven't been there in a while and it looks really different now. Beach dah kena tambak, I'm not sure if they have other things planned for that place. My suggestion is a place where we can makan-makan by the beach :) Paka is the place to go to now if you want to do that, it's about time Kerteh pun ada at least one.

When it was about time for us to go home, it was nearly Maghrib, we noticed that the crowd was bigger. Hmm..apehal pulak Maghrib orang nak keluar. They were actually orang kampung Kuala Kerteh waiting for a fisherman that has been lost at sea for four days!Kesian sangat, we were having such a great time while at the same time a family is waiting anxiously for their loved one to return. I hope he makes it back safely.

Oh, and Hanan screamed bloody murder when she saw a goat heading in her direction. Haha,it was really funny..she got over it and afterward enjoyed looking at the goats :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Salma@school part 2

Salma: Semalam dekat school Salma kencing dekat hole
Me: What hole? Why tak kencing dekat bowl?
Salma: Because ada kencing orang lain dlm bowl..
Me: Why didn't you flush?
Salma: Salma tak nak hands Salma dirty
Me: Hole apa Salma?Hmm?!?

I'm thinking tandas cangkung...hopefuly bukan sebarang drain hole yang lain!!hehe

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Me: Makan apa harini
Salma: Tak tau
Me: Kuih ke?
Salma: Dia yellow..sedappp...dia look like seaweed
Me: Hmmm?

Guess what it was...roti jala..haha

Me: What activities did you do today?
Salma: Drawing...again!

The other day she came back with a plastic bag containing her underpants and socks..the teacher said maybe she terkencing in her pants. She just told her teacher "wet" after she got back from the toilet. Hehe..kisah sebenarnya was that her underwear fell on the wet floor....that one boleh terima but I asked her how come her socks got all wet...she said "air big sangat""weren't you wearing shoes salma?""no, pakai selipar with socks"..hoho...manala tak basah.

Well, I'm just glad that Salma loves her school. She complains every morning without fail but she'll sing/skip all the way to class. Memang just nak bagi drama to her mama's life.

Salma's teacher said I look like Yassin. I get this A LOT! Sedayyyyy :P

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday!

The girls with their party hats, made a day before Hadi's birthday and secretly stashed away with the present and card. I told Salma to keep it a secret but when Hadi got home from work she said 'kita ada present for babah tapi it's a secret'.hoho

Homemade cupcakes, the cake tak berapa sedap but the icing is yummy.

Birthday guy with his two girls..Hanan yang extra semangat. I left the lighter on the table while I went to get the camera..when I came out dia tengah petik-petik the lighter to light up the candles!

Happy Birthday Bebop! We love you!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Old man

Salma: Nak dengar bunyi old man?
Me: Huh?
Salma: Bila ada hingus..Salma sound like old man.
Me: Haha

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hanan's pot pet

Hanan is nearly two and her vocab is expanding rapidly. Now she can string four words together! Sometimes she'll just bebel about whatever comes to her mind. A few days ago she said something like this.

Hanan: Jangan uat adik (Salma was trying to look at Hanan's book) . Tadi o'-o'. Otot akit (bontot sakit). Wash babah.

Haha..sangat berterabur. Suddenly cerita o'-o' pulak. Sometimes when she needs to do no. 2 she'll say sakit otot. We don't know whether she truly sakit or it's actually sakit perut...I guess we'll never know.

She's also still repeating after us. Salma will tell her not to repeat after her because she finds it irritating! Other times Salma finds it funny cause memang funny pun :)

We've just started toilet training her. She pees easily in the bowl but refuses the potty. The floor would be her second choice or maybe first! She o'-o' twice on the floor within the last 3 weeks. Huhu. Well, anything outside the diaper is progress!Haha

Monday, January 4, 2010

Salma's first day of school

Yesterday was Salma's first day of school. I don't know why but I had trouble sleeping the night before her first day..just like nights before exams!Pelik betul. Hadi took the day off so all of us sent her in the morning. My little girl did not cry at all..a year before she was all clingy and cried when I tried to leave her at the taska. Yesterday she went into her class easily without any fuss. I was surprised to see none of the girls crying..all of the criers were boys!Hehe..tak machola.

Asked her what she did on her first day, she said singing.1 atas satu bawah is her teacher's favorite song. Today she said she drew an alien riding a scooter ( we promised her a scooter if she goes to school).

After the first day of school she said her arm was tired because she had to draw an arrow and a rocket :)

Hanan would ask 'ane ama?' repeatedly every morning. Kesian dia. She misses her sister and we know because she hugged Salma when we picked her up at school today. Usually, whenever Salma tried to hug her she'll just push her away.

Update: Third day and she's already skipping to school.