Sunday, March 29, 2009

humpty dumpty

These were taken a while back, probably when she was 5 or 6 months. Gedempol betul, bordering obese..haha

Friday, March 27, 2009

'Fun'fair Kerteh

A couple weeks ago we went to the funfair next to McD in Kerteh. Not really sure if it's actually a funfair, tengokla the pictures..huhu. All it has to offer are baju bundle, spec ciplak (of course Hadi beli), the kiddie rides and a scary looking rabbit farm. The rabbit farm was closed when we were there but I don't think any rabbit would want to stay there :) Well, at least Salma had fun..the rides were rm3. Boleh tahan mahal rite, baju sidai tu yang buat mahal!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Perpustakaan Kerteh

Here's the kids at the local library. A few weeks ago I got lost(?, tak logic rite)in Kerteh looking for some other shop when I saw the signboard, a library! It's right next to RHB, macam tak percaya. I've been spending money unwisely at the bookstore since the mall opened, RM40 for a book?! Books shouldn't be that expensive kan?

Well, we finally managed to go there two days ago. I wasn't expecting anything really but masuk je I saw one of the titles still on display at the bookstore!!I'm thrilled, the kids pun happy, they decorated the place with teddy bears so I had a hard time trying to control Hanan though. Salma's also happy that she could also borrow books, and the children's books are way better than the ones at Mesra Mall although ada juga yang dah nak reput.

Syabas state goverment!Every Saturday they have activities for the kids which starts at 10am. Hopefuly we'll make it this coming Sat.

Oh, they also have PCs with Internet connection! (sungguh tak percaya)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The tower that Hanan built

Hanan is getting better with stacking blocks.
Last Thursday she had a runny nose and suddenly the next day she had rashes all over her torso and a high fever, both of which subsided the very next day. The doc said it's most probably an allergic reaction. I don't remember feeding her anything other than the usual, then it crossed my mind that it might be related to her MMR vaccination about 2 weeks ago. I asked my mother to google it up and walla, mmg sama the symptoms. When I read more about it, found out that it's a common side effect and not at all dangerous compared to having mumps, measles and rubella.
Alhamdulillah, she's up and about, building more towers with blocks!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Funny Sally

Yesterday while eating her chicken wing Salma asked me this:

Salma : Mama, mana head chicken ni, macam head Salma?

Me: Ada dekat pasar dah kena potong

Salma: Nanti ayam tu matilah

Me: Yela, kena mati baru boleh makan

Salma: Dia mati kat mana mama?

Me: Mati dekat farm

Salma: Oh, farmer tu jahat!

Haha, then she babbles apa entah lagi

A few months ago while waiting in the car with the kids, the car next to us reversed, then Salma cakap "Mama, car kita dah pandai move sendiri". It seemed to her that our car was moving forward.

Last year when my uncle passed away because of semput I told Salma about it and said we shouldn't smoke cigarettes because it's bad for us. This was the first time we talked about death, so a few days after she was still talking about it, how tok's sister (never can remember brother) dah mati. Then I asked kenapa? She said sebab isap kuih. I was confused then barulah ingat that she'd probably never seen anybody with a cigarette and all this while dia dok ingat kuih rokok!!hahah...funnyla Salma ni

She's now in the phase of saying "penatnyaaa" everytime she doesn't want to do things I ask her to do...sounds a lot like me :P

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunway Gagoon/Dagoon

We had a wonderful time at Sunway Lagoon. It's the kids' first trip to the park. Semua orang enjoy :) Salma kept saying dia nak naik rollercoaster! Tapi takde chance, you're still too short Salma!

Spinning cups, Hadi had to close his eyes. Salma kept her cool
Hadi-pemandu berhemah. I think they were on this ride 4/5 times.

How do you like my swimming suit?

Hope we'll be able to go again this year, next time I'll bring along my bathing suit :)

Nan Cawa

Hanan's not a baby anymore :P She's all grown up, like a mini Salma. The problem I have with her now is that she likes to copy Salma, so she'll be doing super dangerous stuff a one year old shouldn't be doing. She'll climb into boxes (and loses her balance), climb on top of boxes, climb the sofa, make her tricycle move backwards (almost got her in the drain), climb her stroller, sit in the doll stroller, jump off the tilam etc

Love the way she babbles, her vocab now includes : tantik (cantik), eylo (hello), tok, bye, ade (spider), apa lagi ye can't remember... She also understands simple instructions like 'kiss mama', 'bagi babah' and 'stop!' (penting tu)

She loves, loves picture books. Asik suruh read aja, she won't stop whining until we read the book for her.

Do you think Hanan looks like her mama?