Monday, December 24, 2012

Hello from Hello Kitty Land Johor Bahru

 The kids really enjoyed the Hello Kitty park. Entrance is RM50/pax and free for kids 3 and below. With each ticket you'll get a card which they'll stamp at every entrance point of each attraction that you can only do once.. the cookie painting, nail saloon, jewellery making, dress up, lagi satu lupa pulak.

 There's only one ride at the park, the spinning tea cup. I think Salma and Hanan went 5 times. All  activities are catered for little girls, I overheard a mother saying to her son " I promise you, this will be the last one!" hahahaha. The lost boy in the girls club.

On the upper floors of the building is the Little Big Club with characters like Barney and Angelina Ballerina. We didn't go there, nasib baik tak beli tix sebab tak sempat, the place closes at 6pm and we only finished the Hello Kitty at 3pm. Nak cover Hello Kitty pun took us 4 hrs macam tu. If you go early you can probably do both, buy two tickets at a discount, I think it's RM85 for two parks.

Come with your bellies full! Food is expensive!! One more thing, remember, you're in Malaysia so you'll have people cutting the line all the time. Serious geram! I don't mind if it's the parents babysitting the baby ke apa, ni adults and teenagers, sekali 6 masuk. Then a family sekali 3 masuk! I told the family yang 6 people masuk, "hey, you can't have 6 people cutting the line" their reply was "group maaa""toilet maaa". Stupid maa is all I said (not out loud T_T ,hahaha)

Friday, December 14, 2012


Whilst we pray that all those who have written end of year exams do well, we remind ourselves that life itself is one big examination.

Failing end of year exams is minor compared to failing the exam of life. One can be repeated, the other never.

Strange how we struggle & strive more to pass the annual exam, than we sometimes do to pass life's exam.

Strange how we cry & weep, pray & lose sleep asking for success in annual exams more than life's exam.

May the Almighty grant us success in both exams with the ultimate prize being meeting HIM in Paradise. Aameen
-Mufti Ismail Menk

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My lil helper

Usually when I have to do housework I would have a baby attached to my leg. Sometimes Sumy will knock her head on my leg, bite my leg or try to pull my pants down!Hehe, I wish I could say 'not anymore!' but it's becoming less often now as she now works for me..
 Extra short beans coming right up!

 Makcik sapu =) After her meals she will help me 'clean' the terrible high chair zone with her small broom

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hanan: Maya mana?
Me: Dengan babah, babah tengah wash dia
Hanan: Oooo, kenapa? Diaper dia pancit ke?
Me:0_o , hahhaa, no, diaper dia tak bocor!

Monday, November 12, 2012

mizz smarty pants

Peace Yo! Hehe, on the last day of school her school had a "Bollywood" themed party. Hanan dressed up in a saree =) I used a shawl and wrapped it around her body and secured with two pins. Hanan semangat, usually she'll refuse to wear anything girly but since she wanted to win the best dressed award again, sanggup pakai apa saja. T_T

Well, she won something but not the best dressed award although she doesn't know that. Hehe, she said her teachers cakap baju dia cantik sangat so adik menang! Alhamdulillah. she actually won best in academic, I found out later when I looked at her present and told her Adik menang best in academic lah. Hanan: Oh, yelah, adik menang besdedamic =)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Left Sumy for a few minutes to pray. When I returned I found her like this. My first thought was she was playing peek a boo but when i tried to turn her she was fast asleep! heheh, so cute, manja dengan Hanan. Hanan was engrossed with her cartoon that she wasn't aware that her sister was asleep. o_0

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Muka funny sumayya

Video of me reading her a snow white pop up book. It's become a habit of hers, making the shocked face. Haha, but what I love the most is the ending, tau pulak dia nak happy-happy when the prince rescued snow white =))

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chit Chat

H: Hmm, dia bossy dengan wife dia
S: (Dalam hati - Wahhh, baiknya laki aku! ) Yeah, maybe sebab dia dah biasa jadi boss kat office, that's why he's bossy. She let's herself be bossed. I don't let you boss me around (sambil mencubit)
H: Hmm, baik wife dia
S: ( Dalam hati - T_T, what the??)What does that mean????
H: ZzzzZZzz

Moral of the story, please use PLEASE and TOLONG in your sentences when you want your wife to do something for you. It hurts our ears apatah lagi your beloved's heart. So easy right???

Please and thank you!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Side effects from MMR

Sumayya got her MMR vaccination on Tuesday, at 12 months 3 weeks +. Yesterday she felt a bit warm in the morning, by night her fever was 38.3 measured under her arm. She was active all day yesterday, usung the small stool sana-sini nak panjat and make a mess everywhere she went :)

Today she still has the fever, very hot but I didn't take her temperature, just giving her paracetamol every 6 hours. Hanan was the one who noticed the spots on Sumy's palm. I checked everywhere else and found more spots on her feet. Huhu, apakah ini?

When I googled the side effects from MMR banyakkkknyaa scary stories!!! Some reported developing autism, deafness, seizures and macam-macam lagi! Some info here

Praying that she gets better soon and dijauhkan dari all the horrible side effects. I think doctors should give the parents more information on this. Takdela mak bapak terkejut anak unwell right after the immunization!

Update: Had sumy checked,  fever from sore throat, rashes most likely from the jab. Alhamdulillah sihat sudah =)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Funny Sally

 I got this note when I locked Salma out of my bedroom. It was buka puasa time and I had just given Sumayya her bath. Time nak basuh pinggan I saw Sumayya in the bathroom with Salma, Salma encouraging her to play with the hose, habis basah segala!huhu. I was so exhausted and geram! I grabbed Sumy and Hanan cepat-cepat lari naik atas..hahaha...evil mother! I heard her coming upstairs a few minutes later, she knocked on the door a few times but the evil mommy buat tak dengar. Then Salma made fake crying noise (can never trick mommy). Alih-alih she slipped this note under the door,hahahah, it sure made me less angry.

I had been talking about this with Hadi, somebody posted Dr Muhaya's advice that children are the people of Paradise so think twice when you want to yell at them. Looks like somebody eavesdropped on our conversation and used it back against us.hahha..pandai anak mama =)

This one was for the toothfairy. Salma left her teeth for the toothfairy but for two nights the toothfairy tak datang-datang. I've said to her dulu that the toothfairy is not real but i guess dia dah lupa. That night she cleaned her two teeth yg tercabut and told me she'll put it under her pillow everynight until the toothfairy comes and gets them,huhuh.So the next morning before she woke up luckily teringat to take em away and put rm1 under her pillow.hahahah,she was so happy! 

When she got back from school she asked me whether the tooth fairy is real, hehe, rupa-rupanya her friends from school told her it's not. Haha, let's see next time apa jadi..
Geramsssssssss. After buka puasa last night I sat in front of the computer watching this video of her, then cik adik ni datang with poop in her diapers, rupanya she already stamped the floor with her poop from the living room all the way to the kitchen! Diaper bocor!

 Lesson learnt - do not delay your prayers!! hehehe

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ni dia trophy for the bicycle race haritu =)
Hehe, this is a picture of Salma after yesterday's visit to the dentist. Her two bottom teeth had been loose for at least a couple months,tapi tak cabut-cabut. Yesterday dia cakap sakit rupanya her permanent tooth was out! Huhu, never experienced it myself. Cepat-cepat pergi dentist cause the new tooth is really out of place, dah sampai negeri sebelah. So now two out, more to go..hehehe

Salma had to be restrained! T_T Over ok like Mr Bean =)

Afterwards she said she's ok with it and doesn't mind going back to the dentist..hehe..we'll see

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sumy's one year old!!
About 3 weeks ago all the girls in the house kena horrible stomach flu. I was really miserable as I had a fever together with the vomiting and visits to the loo..huhu. First it was Hanan, then Salma and Sumayya, the finale was mommy! (nasib baik!!) Hadi was finally back from Kerteh to take care of me. Anyway, Sumayya refused food for almost a week and lost quite a lot of weight, sian dia. Orang tua-tua selalu cakap kalau sakit nak pandai after she recovered, alih-alih je pandai turun from the mattress. We've been teaching her since forever tapi tak pernah nak try on her own. Baik je sakit she did it like a pro, macam dah biasa buat =) Another skill she developed was blowing, hehe, probably she learned that when she wanted to spit up her meds..heheh..

Friday, July 20, 2012

sumayya's first choc chip cookie!

 i loveee cookies!nomnomnom

Original recipe here. I think I finally found the secret to super chewy cookies. The original recipe called for baking soda but we didn't have it!I was craving for the cookies, huhu. I googled for a solution and decided to use baking powder to replace the baking soda, just use double what you're supposed to use for baking soda but I couldn't find my teaspoon so I ended up putting almost a tablespoon of baking powder,hehe.

The cookies were delicious, look at sumayya's face! heheeh, I think the secret is baking powder an an extra egg yolk for really chewy cookies. Hmmmmmm, can't wait to try this on my favorite recipe for oatmeal cookies =))))

Friday, July 6, 2012

i have four teeth!i can say dat (jet), de (spider) and ta (cat).

When mama says..
 "call babah" - I put my hand on my ear
"bab nyamuk" - saya tepuk lantai
"mana kutu?" - I pull my hair =)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

resepi chilli crabs

Yumsssss,must nor forget this recipe! I was fasting so teringinnnn sangat nak makan chilli crabs. Since I was tired everything was cincai boncai. I think this recipe is Chinese style though I added the udang kering to give it a kick! Ketam berlada lain rasanya

1. Blend 6 fresh chillies + 3 cloves of garlic
2. I tbsp of udang kering
3. About 3 tbsp oyster sauce
4. About 5 tbsp ketchup
Sugar and salt to taste

Fry the udang kering in oil, then add the blended items. Masak sampai masak :P then add the crabs and the sauces. Add water, stir and tutup to let it cook. Add salt n sugar to your liking. Then Nomnomnom =)
This was taken last week. The girls were wearing Salma's old kindy uniform, seragam for the race of the year! hahaha. They had been preparing for the bicycle race since a week earlier. Salma buat trophy using paper cups, ribbons and a box. Last-last lepas race nobody remembered the trophy and both declared themselves the winner, hahah. Nasib baik terlupa trophy so there was no fighting =) Btw, this pic was taken otw to the mall! Race petang but they were all dressed for it in the morning..kidss..

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My big babies when they were about Sumy's age..Sumayya macam siapa?

my momey!going to be 11 months soon! she did this earlier today, terkejut saya, sambil2 nak tarik tudung dalam drawers!now she's in the emptying drawers phase. my house is a mess as she takes out everything from the cupboard.

a new skill everyday, tercungap cungap mama dia nak keep up '_'

-says mam when she wants to eat or drink
-said nak a few times
-loves listening to nursery rhymes on my tab, sambil kepala menari nari
-pantang if she sees me carrying a plate, when i sit down she will stand beside me sampaila kenyang, sambil cakap mam mam
- loves holding the fish food container and I don't know why
- already knows what she wants and struggles to get away from me if I take her away from something she wants. I got myself a sprained wrist from struggling dengan budak mimok ni
-loves gadgets! She'll choose a real phone if you make her choose between a toy phone and a mobile. whenever the phone rings she'll put her hand to her ear and say "ahhhh,ahhhh". she almost made me laugh when i was praying by picking up the aircond remote and resting it on her ear saying "ahh,ahh" I guess it didn't work for her so she picked up a toy bottle and did the same.hehe..itu bukan phone sayang
-can say moooooo as in the cow says moooooo
-loves going to the park =)
-loves rice
-her hobby is sitting under the dining table and pushing the chairs out
-can say naan (Hanan), maa (salma)
- yesterday I said to her "cantikla baju sumayya ada gambar cat" then she pointed to the toy cat on the bed..hehe..cute je
- still tak pandai jalan!hehehhe. takpe, i don't know how I'll manage at the post office once she knows how to walk T_T
-anak saya makan kari...ohh yeah =)

Friday, June 15, 2012

salma : cikgu helman garang sgt sampai org takut nak ckp cikgu izinkan saya pergi tandas, sampai terberak dlm seluar
me:haa?dia berak kat mana?
salma: kat jln, tempat kita jalan nak ambil buku
me:ewwww,tahi keras ke lembik?
salma:ermm, tahi terang, nampak mcm golden, tahi emas!
me: T_T

hanan: adik nak hijau lampu
hanan:nak color tu, hijau lampu
me: yaa Allah, tu light green la! hahahah

Monday, June 11, 2012

Yay, saya dah pandai tepuk tangan..mama forgot to teach me this earlier! 9 months + barula saya pandai tepuk =) Now whenever mama says "pandaiii" or "tepuk tangan" I clap..weehuu

I can also go upstairs all by myself! (yeke?) mama will stand behind me to make sure I don't fall down. Now whenever I see stairs I must, must, must try it out :) Visiting has never been more challenging for mama & babah -_- 

hi! look at my teeth :) 2 are out, bottom one first then the matching upper. Atas tu nampak putih je but it's actually just a little bit of one tooth yang keluar and the rest gusi! Her sisters both jalan saing dengan gigi but I guess budak debab ni is taking it slowww..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tak ingat dah upload or not gambar Sally as sampah.heheh. her least favourite drink -soya bean. "Sampah sana, sampah sini, sampah sana sini, kalau banyak sampah, semua haiwan kan mati" or something like that. I remember the words cause Salma kept singing the song before the performance.

Now that she's in primary school, I've done a lot more studying, rukun islam, rukun iman, doa masuk tandas, surah-surah pendek, bahasa arab. I now know how to count 1-10 in Arabic! Haha, bravo! Tepuk bahu sendiri T_T

I downloaded some videos from you tube to help me teach her...last2 mama dia yang terlebih pandai. Someone made a a few videos for kids with lessons based on Sekolah Kebangsaan's syllabus, thank you very much! =)))

Monday, May 14, 2012

my momey is 9 months +. she's growing so fast (ayat cliche -erk,betul ke saya eje?).things my sweetheart can do

say bird and tat
mimicked me saying bye,ata (pasta)and tada!
loves pasta and nasi arab :)
loves babies, will try her best to kiss visiting babies, stalker thaqif!
an expert at picking up the tiniest things on the floor-dried rice,lint,etc
waves bye2 at 8 mnths old
loves mandi time! she likes to put the hose to her face!water running ok.she's so ready for Waterpark!! Now can sit under the shower :)
loves to kiss hanan,maybe because hanan has a baby face
recently learned to point, now pointing at comel je the little index finger..nak gigit!
suka nak gelikan perut mama dia and loves to suck on toes, her own or others! @_@
pandai kiss
bff is still her grandpa..dari jauh dah crawl cari grandpa :)
can pull herself upright to a standing position cuma kadang-kandang takut nak turun balik.
suka explore the house, bathroom, under the dining table, tong sampah etc
a friendly baby - everytime we're at the post office, she'll be the more social person, main cak-cak dengan orang belakang, huhu, terpaksala mama make conversation dengan orang belakang T_T
past 2 months asik sakit je, hingus and demam huhu. breastfed babies are usually healthier tapi i think she's more like Salma, I forgot what the doctor said tapi something to do with the tonsils,  buat lagi kerap sakit. huhu

Ok, baby sudah bangun! Now no more momok, 9kg je. 

She can drink from this bottle! Straw lain tak boleh pulak

Pointing =)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dah panjat pun!! I was in the kitchen when Hanan called out saying Sumayya dah panjat tangga. Ingat-ingat Hanan saja nak attention rupanya betul-betul!!Haha, first time ada baby and living in a house with stairs. Hadi nak make his own pagar T_T. He is the master of DIY tapi bila nak siap babah oi?!
she did this last week, stood up on her own!kejap lg she'll be all over the place!next is panjat tangga,kena psg gate babah...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Age: 8 to 10 months

Signs of readiness for solid and finger foods
  • Same as 6 to 8 months, PLUS
  • Picks up objects with thumb and forefinger (pincer grasp)
  • Can transfer items from one hand to the other
  • Puts everything in his mouth
  • Moves jaw in a chewing motion
What to feed
  • Breast milk or formula, PLUS
  • Small amounts of soft pasteurized cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese (but no cows' milk until age 1)
  • Iron-fortified cereals (rice, barley, wheat, oats, mixed cereals)
  • Mashed fruits and vegetables (bananas, peaches, pears, avocados, cooked carrots, squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes)
  • Finger foods (lightly toasted bagels, cut up; small pieces of ripe banana; well-cooked spiral pasta; teething crackers; low-sugar O-shaped cereal)
  • Small amounts of protein (egg, pureed meats, poultry, and boneless fish; tofu; well-cooked and mashed beans with soft skins like lentils, split peas, pintos, black beans)
How much per day
  • 1/4 to 1/3 cup dairy (or 1/2 oz. cheese)
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup iron-fortified cereal
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup fruit
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup vegetables
  • 1/8 to 1/4 cup protein foods
Feeding tip
Introduce new foods one at a time, with at least three days in between to make sure your baby's not allergic
sumayya surprised us all when she started crawling!a day short of 8 months old dah crawl and we're just not ready,now we really need to babyproof the house. it was easier to babyproof everything when you have just the baby to think about, but baby + 2 other children,hmm,payah jugak.big girl toys are mostly dangerous for babies,legos,paper bits,barbie shoes...and the list goes on.

sumayya started crawling on the bed when she woke up in the morning, mungkin dapat ilham dalam mimipi!hehe. it's easier for her to crawl if she's wearing long pants, selalu she only has her rompers on tu yg kulit tersekat- sekat dekat floor. she's enjoying her new skill, always on the hunt for new toys and bits on the floor.

lepas sakit macam-macam skill muncul!she can push herself up in the baby tub and while holding on to the matress,bukak tutup pintu and laci almari and pick up small objects..coins pun boleh!happy she's developed the skill but Freakouttttt jugak. hmmm, skill yg sangat2 terrer is cubit orang!why oh why, tak ingat pun sally and hanan ada pinching phase..huhu.

sekejap je baby ni besar....

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bottom shuffling..that's sumayya's latest conquest!she can also go from lying on her belly to sitting up position.more generous with her kisses.learning to eat on her own, butmost of the food doesn't make it to her mouth.can go forward but not actually crawlin,more of lunging and bottom shuffling.she toppled the trash bin in the kitchen.i think i heard her mimicking me saying bye.loves babies and going outside.we water the plants everyday and she loves getting her feet wet.her hobby? cubit orang!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

my debob

Lamanya tak blog..ahha...I'm back in std 1, most nights I've got to do home work and study :P Salma started standard one early this year, religious school in the morning and regular school petangnya. I get out of the house at least 4 times a day to send and fetch her from school, angkut si debob and Hanan.

Hanan's in kindy and she loves it. I'm paying extra so that Hanan can stay a bit longer in school to avoid moi having to go out 6 times a day T_T. Where are the other mommies? Pindahla cepat-cepat near our house so we can carpool :( The bus service picks up the children way too early. The afternoon session starts at 1pm but the bus drives by our neighborhood around noon! The school is only 5 mins away!Sian anak-anak, sumayya's milestones..hahah..semua tak direcordkan sebab no time. Man, I never expected life could ever be this hectic. Nevermind that...hmm..we were in Singapore when Sumayya first rolled over by herself, mula-mula she could only do it if one leg was on top of the other when she was on her side. She surprised us about a week before she turned 5 months when she rolled over from lying on her back all by herself. Tapi belum master 5 and a half months barulah golek sana golek sini.

She started baby talk when we got back from Sgpore. "MAMAMAMAMBABABBAABBABA" . yesss..she said mama but now it's only "BABABABABBABA"  Now that she's 7 months there's a lot more screaming especially when she's sleepy.

Hmmm, she could sit up unsupported by 5 and a half months. Loves playing with the masak-masak toy. Now at 7 months her hobby is emptying out the toy bin and pulling off the magnets from the fridge.

I started her on solid food a bit earlier than 6 months because she kept waking up more frequently at night. Makan rice cereal and bottled fruits (yes, saya lenyek mangga and pisang je the rest I have no time man). Now she's already eating nasi lembik! Should start making her bubur nasilah (note to self:MUST DO!)

She has a new smile, senyum ketak gusi sampai comel. Sumayya loves to cuddle, her BFF is her grandpa - asik mintak dokong and senyum meleret, now hates sitting in her car seat as I think she's also tired from having to go out 4 times a day,ermm...what else?

Oh..she knows kiss, fish and cucu (susu). A few days ago started making kissing noise :) When we say kiss, she'll lean and kiss you.

She cannot crawl yet but looks like it's gonna be soon as she can go backwards, just a lil more practice girl!

Momok Maya, hmm..must check ada tak jab for 7 months..

I love my baby :-* mwahhh..ahah

Monday, January 16, 2012

salma the anaconda

This is the outcome when you sleep beside Salma, jadi bantal peluk! Haha, no one except Hadi can have a peaceful slumber when sleeping next to her, he sleeps like a log.