Saturday, May 28, 2011


When I first registered Salma at Al-Fatih@BSP ada jugak rasa tak sedap hati because compared to Tadika Petronas the school is a lot smaller, no air-conditioning system and the kids read their books sitting on the floor je.

Surprisingly when I asked Salma whether she likes al-fatih or tadika petronas, she will always say al-fatih. When she was at tadika petronas I would ask her everyday what she did at school, her standard answer was "coloring lagi" (with a sigh). Now, she'll tell me different things each day, she described the games she played, talked about how a teacher used a puppet, food tasting & a lot of other fun things! She'll be singing new songs and sekarang ni phase berzikir,hehe. Siap Hanan pun dah berastaghfirullah..hehe.

I think the management of tadika petronas should send their teachers for proper training in pre-school teaching lah. Tak pun get a Pengetua with a degree in early learning or education..huhu.

I'm glad that Salma got the chance to have a fun tadika experience, alhamdulillah ada slot kosong at Al-Fatih :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


We're planning on sending Hanan to school next year so I it was time to teach her to clean herself after she does no.2 in the bathroom. Punyala tak nak, she can wash herself after no.1 but no.2 takut terpegang o'onk. So what I did the other day was go into the bathroom with my hand full of sambal..hehe..I told her she could either wash herself or I have to do it with the sambal hand..heheh..terus dia buat, tak pulak she suruh basuh tangan. Hehe..she kept checking her fingers for stools with a really worried look on her face.Bila dah siap I made a big fuss out of it, tepuk tangan and told Hadi, Hadi and Salma also gave her a big round of applause..hehe. Now eveytime after o'onk she washes herself. We haven't installed the proper hose so I still have to help her with it. Next kena beli soap dispenser and install it within her reach.

Me:Adik jumpa tak bontot adik, yg circle-circle tu
Adik: A'a, circle macam O, O for Uncle Om

Yesterday Hadi had to take his cough syrup, two teaspoons. Hadi biasala manja-manja bila sakit...

Hadi:Macam mana nak tau two teaspoons ni?
Me:Cuba check label, ada tak dosage berapa?
Me:Ala, selalu 10ml, minum je 10ml

Suddenly Salma was back inside the room with not 1 but two teaspoons..hahaha..lawak betul

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cuti-cuti Kerteh

Hadi had to work in Kerteh last week so of coursela we tagged along!Bestnyaaaaala balik ke kampung halaman :) It was a wonderful trip, penat but worth it.

We spent the first nite in Awana Kijal Apartments (Jangan pergi!!). It would be an ok place if you're bringing your extended family and came well prepared with pillows and blankets. The room had really old pillows and bedspread and the management forgot to sweep the room so saya pun terpijakla tahi-tahi cicak :P Me no likey. The place pun was kinda creepy and the main door had only one lock. My over imaginative brain pulak asik teringat my students from TATI cerita hantu-hantu kat situ..huhu.En Hadi, next time listen to your wife T_T

The wifey asked him to book Paka Residence, so early the next morning we checked out of the apartment and went jalan-jalan. Paka Residence macam 5 star hotel pulak after our night at the apartment..hehe. The kids enjoyed the beach and I slept peacefully on the comfy bed with the clean pillows :)

Rindunyaa Kerteh, bila la dapat pi lagi? We couldn't find the time to eat our favourite roti canai and teh tarik depan sekolah badrul..hehe...kena pergi lagi sooonnn!