Thursday, December 1, 2011

Budak berani tampal

Hanan had her 3rd tooth filling last week. Dah veteran dah, once the dentist called her in she went straight to the chair and lay down on it without any help from me! I was busy with Sumayya but was prepared to hold her hand as usual but she was very brave and confident and not even once called out for me!

Salma had her teeth checked but she's never had a single cavity so she only had her teeth cleaned a bit. Time kumur she sembur kuat gile sampai it sprayed all over the assistant!hahahha, terkejut akak tu!

When I only had Salma and Hanan with no teeth I used to tsktsk silently when I see other children  with bad teeth, apala maknya tak gosok gigi budak-budak. Once I had Hanan with teeth and her persistence I understood that sometimes it's not easy for everyone. I'm just glad and bersyukur that my kids takde gigi JAWS! :) at least for now :P

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