Saturday, July 30, 2011


This baby is waiting till the last minute! Hopefully tak overdue..huhu.

This is the first time for me having braxton hicks contractions throughout the day, and some very close together so asik ingat going into labor tapi tak pun..lagi la suspense!

Me: Baby tengah swim dalam tummy mama, dia duduk dalam water tau
Hanan: Ooooooo, mesti dia ada slide kan? Mesti ada kan...woww!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Viva Home

We went to Viva Home yesterday ingat nak survey-survey kitchen cabinets. What we should've done was look it up on the Internet first. There weren't a lot of shops selling it or else kita tak perasan.

What they actually have are a lot of shops selling mid-range to high end furniture. Saw a nice sofa bed on sale for RM950 but it was a twin-bed size. IKEA pun sell it at about the same price but this one had a nicer cover. Tapi tak beli pun :( Berangan-angan first sambil kumpul duit.

The kids went crazy bila nampak the furniture shop for kids, there was a Cinderella bed, a double decker bus bed, macam -macam lah and as usual Hanan would point at each item and request it for her birthday. Shopping with Hanan memang pening, even to buy groceries..

Hanan: Adik nak yang ni..(pointing to the jelly candy from China :P)
Me: No adik, tak boleh, this one tak halal
Hanan: Alaaa..tapi adik nak yang ni
Me: Cari yang ada halal
Hanan: Ok...tapi adik nak ni for birthday
Me: Hmmm...ok

Then she picks up the a candy then points at everything else and lets me know that

Hanan: Adik nak ni jugak for bithday...and ni pun..and nii...and nii...adik nak semua ni for birthday ok?
Me: Okayyyy

They same thing happens at every store we go to..she doesn't stop talking about wanting everything for her birthday sampaila we leave the store. I think she's going to be really disappointed this February..hahaha

Anyway, I was happy we went there cause I got a really delicious Subway sandwich and 40% off Luminarc glass containers :) Easier than storing leftovers in Tupperware, this one goes straight into the microwave.

I don't think we'll be visiting the place anytime soon, hmm maybe for the Subway sandwich, I'll have to think about it..sebab sedap sangat! The guy working behind the counter probably has a flair for making yummy sandwiches. Next stop - Macy's!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yesterday I was late for my appointment with the gyne, so I rushed out of the car sampai orang sebelah nak bukak pintu pun tak perasan. He signaled me to go first so I waved thank you at him then walked quickly to the sidewalk. Then the most embarrassing and painful thing happened, I tripped and fell down like a cempedak busuk. My big toe tersadung dengan besi (bodoh) that was sticking out of the ground! I must've made a loud noise when I fell down cause a lot of people were looking at me. The guy from the car had a really shocked look on his face, I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

I fell right in front of a gerai where a lot of people were having their lunch. Bila tersadung to everything looked like it was going in slow motion..why is that eh? I remember during my first year in Purdue the car I was in slipped on ice and the car turned almost a full circle on the road, masa tu pun everything moved in slow motion, what happens to our brain ye in moments of panic?

Anyway, I fell on my knees and hands and had a 50 cent hole in my jeans from the fall. Seluar baru!! People helped me up, siap bagi chair suruh duduk, huhu. I was so embarassed, I said my thank yous and rushed to the hospital, I really felt like crying sebab sakitnya lutut saya.Once again people stared at me, well stared at the hole in my jeans, siap ada yang pointed at it lagi..hahahaha. Luckily, soon enough it was my turn to see the doctor. She did an ultrasound scan to check the placenta, everything was okay. She said if there was anything wrong with the pregnancy a touch to the belly will make it harden. She also ordered a CTG to check the baby's heartbeat. Alhamdulillah semua okay. The CTG also detected one contraction and the nurses cakap tak lama lagi la tu..hehe.

Last nite the braxton hicks contractions increased, so I got the bags ready, ingat tengah malam we'll be on our way to the hospital.

But nooo, I'm still pregnant! 9 days to go!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hmm...penat menunggu nak bersalin ni. Kept checking for the bloody show or leaking amniotic fluid but so far I'm still pregnant and no signs of impending labor. 12 days to go so I'll be trying my best to distract my thoughts from thinking bila nak bersalin nih?? kalau tak i'll be anxious for no reason.

Today I decided to go shopping with the kids. First time keluar with the kids without Hadi. We went to a bookstore, had lunch at Salma's fave place - Sushi King and went clothes shopping. We all had fun and tak fikir pun pasal bersalin except when we first got there perut saya memulas, was a false alarm but still cuak!

Next on the list is to ambil gambar tudung, I intended to wait after bersalin but being busy will keep my mind occupied.

Tried watching NurKasih the movie but I kept crying, baru half and hour into the movie dah nangis 4 kali kot..huhu. Overly emotional :P I've just started reading the book P/s I love you by Cecilia Ahern pun the first few pages dah menangis. When I'm not cying I'm Momzilla!Salma brings out the evil mother in me..hehe..I wish she would listen to half the things I say to her. Ni in terus out. Hopefully with the baby out my hormones would stabilize and I'll be a normal person again..bila tu? Hehe

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kedai gunting

Yesterday I noticed that Hanan's hair was a bit different. A few days ago I trimmed her bangs tapi now belah kiri telinga was about two inches shorter then the rest..takkan la sampai terlajak gunting sampai macam tu.

Me: Hanan, rambut adik ni funny lah, mama tersalah potong ke ni?
Hanan: Tak, Salma yang potong rambut adik masa main baby baby (hehe,after she finished saying this her face changed ,muka orang terkantoi pecah rahsia)

Hish, rupanya they took turns cutting each other's hair. Salma's wasn't that obvious cause she has short hair, Hanan punya yang lopsided betul.

Me: Lain kali siapa main gunting-gunting rambut mama botakkan terus! Understand?!

Hopefully they won't do this again and alhamdulillah no ears got snipped!Hehe