Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ikan Siakap Stim Limau

We had this at Sara Thai in Kuantan. I'm not a fan of steamed fish but their's boleh tahan sedap. Hadila suka sangat and said to me he wants to send me to a Thai restaurant to learn how to cook all Thai dishes. He's got this obsession with Thai food and especially those from Kak Wan's Bangkok restaurant in Kerteh. Well...I don't intend to bertapa dekat mana-mana restaurant so I googled up the recipe, and this one from seems to have all the ingredients. Hope it'll taste the same. The recipe :

1 ekor ikan siakap, bersihkan, kukus sekejap. Selepas 10 minit, tuang kan air dlm pinggan kukusan

4 biji limau nipis, diperah jusnya, kulitnya disimpan
6-7 biji cili padi, dihiris
1 inci halia, hiris nipis
5 ulas bawang putih, diketuk
1 camt gula
garam mengikut rasa
hiasan-daun sup,daun bawang

cara membuatnya:- campurkan air limau nipis, cili padi, halia, bawnag putih, gula, garam dan tambahkan 1/2 cawan air- masak sekejap- jiruskan ke atas ikan yg tlh dikukus tadi, taburkan dgn hirisan kulit limau nipis- kukus 10-15 minit- boleh dihidangkan, keluarkan kulit limau dahulu, dan taburkan dgn daun sup dan daun bawang.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TV maybe?

Salma loves her cartoons. I know TV is not the best thing for kids but there's stuff to do around the house and sometimes I need some me time for myself else I'll go cray!(a letter is missing in the last word - Salma spilled water on the keyboard). Luckily Salma now knows how to use the computer mouse! Started her on playhouse disney's online games but since we have the limited Streamy(yes,missing letter) package memang tak boleh la all the time.So we bought her some edu games to play on the is Dr Seuss for toddler and the other one is Pooh's Activity Center. She loves them and it keeps the TV off for quite a bit.

I'm looking forward to doing something other than domestic stuff. I kinda miss work already..huhu

Monday, January 19, 2009

Duta Sands

Spent Friday night at Duta Sands beach resort (macam Kerteh takde beach je). We used to find it weird that Hadi's cousin and his family used to spend the night in Kuantan whenever they went shopping there. Now with two kids barulah boleh relate. The normal rate is RM168, lucky for us we googled their website and discovered that the Internet rate is only RM80!!Wahaha...nak tido seminggu pun boleh. The place is okay, nothing fancy but you'll get clean beds and a clean bathroom.
There's Salma and Hanan lepakking on the balcony. Salma was unsually happy for someone who's not a morning person. She was the one who insisted that orang wakey-wakey!

View from our room. Who wants to sleep in the caravans?No thank you.

Definitely not dressed for the beach!

Hanan kept screaming..excited terlebih!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hadi celebrated his 28th birthday on the 6th haritu. First time I'm not in the picture since Hanan managed to touch the hot wax from the candle so it was all kecoh after this picture. Had dinner at Secret Recipe, Kerteh but as usual, the food was nothing to brag about. The cake however was sedap, my faves would be the blueberry cheesecake and the very addictive carrot cake! Yum, nak lagi please. :)
Happy Birthday Babah!Sorry, no cake for you.

Tips for handling the three-year-old


1. Keep a regular routine, even though children of this age may fight against it at times. The routine provides security for children. Warn children in advance of any transition: "In five minutes we will finish reading and then we will have a snack."

2. Provide reassuring repetition. Sing familiar songs and read favorite books as many times as the child likes. Repetition provides comfort and security, which is especially valuable when children are in the troublesome three-and-a-half stage.

3. Save videos and television for occasional use. Sitting in front of the television takes away from the time available for children to work on more important skills. Three-year-olds need to spend most of their time developing their motor skills by running and playing outside, as well as spending time inside painting, coloring, building with blocks, singing, and pretending.

4. Learn transition tricks. Children have difficulty moving from one activity to another, so learn a number of transition tricks. Use puppets, ask children to move like animals, or to pretend to be characters in favorite books as they move from one activity to another.

5. Give three-year-olds plenty of time for play as a part of your regular routine. Imagination is very strong in the three-year-old, and the joy of discovering friendship means that playtime is one of the most important times of the day for children of this age. While three-year-olds share better than twos, they still have trouble sometimes. Expect sharing problems, and help the children continue their play.

6. Encourage three-year-olds to use words to talk about their sharing problems. Teach the children to ask if they can use something, and to say, "When I am finished." Show them ways of trading toys and of offering similar toys.

7. Silly clowning is best handled by guiding children into similar (but more positive) activities. Sometimes clowning takes the form of running around. Direct children into simple running games: "run and jump over this pillow." If the clowning takes the form of language play, introduce simple rhymes and songs. Especially good are songs that involve both whispering and shouting.

8. Help children who are being left out by making the rule, "You can't say you can't play." Help the child and the group find play roles for everyone who wants to play.

9. Speak positively to threes. Tell them what you want them to do, rather than what you don't want. Distracting children to another activity still works well with this age and can help prevent problems.

11. Handle fears sensitively. Give children your support. Reassure them about the difference between real and pretend, and remind them that you will be there to take care of them. Ask a child what helps when they are scared, and (if possible) let them do any of these things. This helps the child develop his own ways of coping.

12. If a child still uses a security object, allow her to bring it to child care. Blankets, stuffed animals, and special toys all provide comfort for children. Don’t ask children to share these special objects.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Salma's first day of school

Last Sunday was Salma's first day of school. Ever since middle of 2008, she's been bugging me to send her to school so we decided that maybe she's ready for school at 3+. I didn't really checked the pre-schools available here except for Taska & Tadika Petronas because I guess it's the safest as it's under Petronas. I've gone paranoid after all the kidnapping/murder cases in KL.

Before registering, I took her to Tadika Petronas, Salma freaked out! There were too many students there as they have the 6, 5 and 4 year olds all under the same roof. So instead, we went to the taska and Salma seemed to like it there and she told me she wanted Taska and not Tadika.

So last Sunday was her first day, of course she didn't want to go as she had to wake up early!When I told her she could wear her new powerpuff jeans baru dia bukak mata. Adoi, Hanan is the morning person, Salma the very opposite. Anyway, sampai school around 9am, all the kids were watching this sing along video on TV. Hmm...karaoke ke? Salma would only sit next to me and just guarded Hanan when the other kids cuba nak kiss-kiss. :) Her mood improved a bit lepas nampak donut untuk morning tea break. Tengah sedap makan donut I told her Hanan oo-owk (first time spelling it - I've got no idea?!) and kena balik to wash her. She was okay with it, it was around 10am when I left. Tak nangis..hoorey!

The next day pun sama cept she nangis a bit when I left. Third day baru made some friends, but still didn't want to go to school the next day. Rupa-rupanya they only have the TV for the kids and no activities scheduled for the week. Pelik betul, taula day-care/tadika melayu (the other one is English medium) but at least give them toys ke apa rite? So I decided to let her ponteng for two days and sambung balik tomorrow. Let's see what they have planned for the kids..kalau tarak apa-apa then somebody's got to complain rite? nothing better to do :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

New cousin

Here's Ahmad and his little brother Ahsan - Salma and Hanan's cousins. Ahsan arrived on the 31st of December! Wish they weren't living so far away, we're looking forward to play with the two cuties.

Salma's drawing of an evil looking potato head

Haha, here's Salma with her drawing. Didn't know she could draw this well, masa kat rumah asik draw grass aja. Tiba-tiba she came up with this, Tok bought her this princess white board -barulah skill keluar :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hanan version 10 months +

1) Walks from bedroom to kitchen confidently and most of the time not fall down
2) Has 5 goofy teeth
3) Loves making us laugh
4) Head bangs and sways from side to side whenever she hears music
5) Can eat on her own..loves rice,pasta and chicken
6) Mimics sounds we make..woof,cat,dah,ciken, babah, nanak, and rooster's crow (very funny..tries very hard)
7) Smacks Salma on the head whenever Salma curi her toys
8) Is shy with strangers
9) Loves cuddling and brushing her teeth
10) Copies us when we try to halau monkeys yang attack tong sampah..she'll yell and bang the grill (what mother teaches her baby this?!)

Apa lagi ye Hanan?

Salma's school bag

Bought Salma her first school bag a couple weeks ago in Dungun. RM12 for a ciplak mini Princess bag :) She loved it so much sampai the first day insisted on sleeping with the bag next to her!

She's going to start pre-school tomorrow, cepatnya anak mama jadi BIG..bak kata Salma.