Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bithday girl and hives(?) Cerita lamaa...

Last September on her Bday Salma woke up with puffy eyes and ears. Babah dia sakit belakang the night before so bukalah sleeping bag which we hadn't opened for many years so we suspected kena gigit bug or a spider. We brought her to the doctor and she said allergies la ni. Makan ubat selsema biasa je but in the evening she had rashes all over her body! Flat rashes yang berubah-ubah tempat.

We brought her to another doctor and he prescribed an allergy medication that contained steroids. Don't know whether it was because of the medication or the allergic reaction but other parts of her body started to swell as well. Salma jadi comel bila her cheeks bengkak!heheheh..lama dah tak montel :)

Then Jolie lips! 
Gatal sana, gatal sini, bengkak sana, bengkak sini, I (Dr Suria) diagnosed her with having Hives. After a week of this I finally brought her to a pediatrician who told us to stop the meds with steroids (we only gave it to her for 2 days) and said it was probably an allergic reaction to dust mites. Dia bagi ubat itu ini, but the next day no rashes no puffy this or that. But a few days later ada naik sikit-sikit. The doctor told us to get rid of the sleeping bag and thoroughly clean the room, dust mites tu dah terbang (walk/jump?) sana sini. Haishh..kesian budak kurus ni. Alhamdulillah dah sebulan takde :) 

Dust mites - you stay away!
 Funny, Kentuty, the Why? girl

 ...and Barney

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pusat Sains Negara Dino Exhibit

 Last week we went to Pusat Sains Negara which was our 2nd trip there. After the first trip the kids kept asking to go there, sebut pusat je terus "nak pergi pusat sains!!" Well, Hanan sebut Putat Tains, memang best sangat :) We didn't know pun that they have the dinosaur exhibition, the kids lagila excited. It was an extra RM3 for each ticket to go into the special section of Pusat Sains to see the dinos. Adults jadi RM8 and kids RM5, murahhmurahh

Teringinnya nak masuk the Foam Factory, ada air gun tembak-tembak the foam balls. Hanan didn't go inside cause she was scared of the dinosaurs, the dino exhibit siap tak nak masuk lagi. Hehe, kira bagusla the dinos, they look real enough to scare a kid. If you want to go see it you better go soon cause ada some of the dinos yang dah terkopek hidung etc. ramai orang pegang-pegang kot eventho it says DO NOT TOUCH!

What was really surprising was that PSN had a lot of new attractions, I was expecting the same things so BRAVO!! Bagus-bagus, sangat syok!

Help!Help! Hehe, she kept asking me why were the dinos inside the fence, "so dia tak keluar jalan ye mama?" "Ni tipu-tipu la Hanan, robots je ni" "No, ni betul-betul, aaaaaaa,aaaaa" (takut terkena the tail)

Maya baik je, I guess she was fascinated with the displays, 2 hrs tak nak minum susu! yeehaa

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Debob's favourite toy. Cuddly and it's got a ring that she likes to chew on. Now eveything goes into her mouth!NommNommm, I think my lil baby is ready for food :) Sometimes I give her rice (1 biji je, 1 grain eh?)and she seems to like it but I haven't started her on cereal yet. She cannot sit on her own so I think it's better to wait. She's growing too fast!Huhu

Budak berani tampal

Hanan had her 3rd tooth filling last week. Dah veteran dah, once the dentist called her in she went straight to the chair and lay down on it without any help from me! I was busy with Sumayya but was prepared to hold her hand as usual but she was very brave and confident and not even once called out for me!

Salma had her teeth checked but she's never had a single cavity so she only had her teeth cleaned a bit. Time kumur she sembur kuat gile sampai it sprayed all over the assistant!hahahha, terkejut akak tu!

When I only had Salma and Hanan with no teeth I used to tsktsk silently when I see other children  with bad teeth, apala maknya tak gosok gigi budak-budak. Once I had Hanan with teeth and her persistence I understood that sometimes it's not easy for everyone. I'm just glad and bersyukur that my kids takde gigi JAWS! :) at least for now :P