Monday, August 17, 2015

Nasi Kerabu Kemaman


Finally got the chance to taste the famous Nasi Kerabu Kambing Bakar! A friend posted her nasi on facebook and made me so teringin. The kambing was nice, tasted like satay kambing, sweet so the kids really like it.

Not the best Nasi Kerabu I've had but sedaplah. From Kerteh turn right at the traffic light just before The Store. Go straight at the second traffic light, in a few hundred meters you will see smoke coming from the left, haha. Itulah kedainya =)

They also serve nasi lemak & nasi berlauk. There was a sign board for roti canai but I guess they closed shop, so the roti canai queen made a scene! Adoii, since she's daddy's girl, Hadi did a roti canai hunt, sempatla berhujan lebat. We were finished with our meal by the time they got back. Love...sorang love for roti canai, sorang love for the daughter. =)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Arabic Class

My Arabic class group at Kak Fini's house for our Hari Raya Potluck. Cannot speak arabic yet, haha, but I'm enjoying the class very much =)

Wael, our teacher is from Syria. I think he's here in Malaysia because of the war in his country. May Allah protect the people of Syria

I made peach crumble/crisp for the potluck, it tasted good but it was superrrr sweet. Here's the recipe. Cut the sugar in half baru lah sedap

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Roti Canai Saturday

Here's our Roti Canai session update:
Sally's now a kari person. She usually eats her rice plain without any gravy but ever since she started school and had to eat the set lunch meal, kari's her favourite. Boleh hirup kuah! Haha, something I could not imagine happening before

Full house at the warung so we had to sit in the sun. I think they make untung at least RM100/half an hour. Food business is good in Kerteh, people eat out all the time. Hanan's new "in food" is half boiled eggs. Kids are funny when it comes to food, they'd go like this thing is ewwww then a few months later it'd be their favourite food! 

Maya's favourite food is roti canai. If it were up to her she'd have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
She can usually finish one roti canai, with sugar or susu pekat manis. Malaysian food is so good and so unhealthy!!!
Nanananana..ganu kiteeee! :P

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Underwater park

It's been a while since our last visit to the park.  So I shouldn't be surprised when Maya asked me to "jom naik sea horse!"

Lol. She meant see-saw  

Maya came back from school today and asked me " Mama tau tak kanak-kanak semua ada baby lah! Mama tau tak? Mama kena ada baby lah!"

I think she'd been learning about family at school and maybe the other kids said they have younger siblings. 


Salma pulak dok cakap ganu ngan kawan dia..haha. Kawan dia bukan orang Terengganu pun..