Monday, May 14, 2012

my momey is 9 months +. she's growing so fast (ayat cliche -erk,betul ke saya eje?).things my sweetheart can do

say bird and tat
mimicked me saying bye,ata (pasta)and tada!
loves pasta and nasi arab :)
loves babies, will try her best to kiss visiting babies, stalker thaqif!
an expert at picking up the tiniest things on the floor-dried rice,lint,etc
waves bye2 at 8 mnths old
loves mandi time! she likes to put the hose to her face!water running ok.she's so ready for Waterpark!! Now can sit under the shower :)
loves to kiss hanan,maybe because hanan has a baby face
recently learned to point, now pointing at comel je the little index finger..nak gigit!
suka nak gelikan perut mama dia and loves to suck on toes, her own or others! @_@
pandai kiss
bff is still her grandpa..dari jauh dah crawl cari grandpa :)
can pull herself upright to a standing position cuma kadang-kandang takut nak turun balik.
suka explore the house, bathroom, under the dining table, tong sampah etc
a friendly baby - everytime we're at the post office, she'll be the more social person, main cak-cak dengan orang belakang, huhu, terpaksala mama make conversation dengan orang belakang T_T
past 2 months asik sakit je, hingus and demam huhu. breastfed babies are usually healthier tapi i think she's more like Salma, I forgot what the doctor said tapi something to do with the tonsils,  buat lagi kerap sakit. huhu

Ok, baby sudah bangun! Now no more momok, 9kg je. 

She can drink from this bottle! Straw lain tak boleh pulak

Pointing =)

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Naza said...

Sumayya comel ;) am stalking previous sue's entries for tips on jaga baby boleh tak hehe. Tak sabar hanan junior membesar jadi mcm mischievous hanan senior huhu