Tuesday, April 3, 2012

sumayya surprised us all when she started crawling!a day short of 8 months old dah crawl and we're just not ready,now we really need to babyproof the house. it was easier to babyproof everything when you have just the baby to think about, but baby + 2 other children,hmm,payah jugak.big girl toys are mostly dangerous for babies,legos,paper bits,barbie shoes...and the list goes on.

sumayya started crawling on the bed when she woke up in the morning, mungkin dapat ilham dalam mimipi!hehe. it's easier for her to crawl if she's wearing long pants, selalu she only has her rompers on tu yg kulit tersekat- sekat dekat floor. she's enjoying her new skill, always on the hunt for new toys and bits on the floor.

lepas sakit macam-macam skill muncul!she can push herself up in the baby tub and while holding on to the matress,bukak tutup pintu and laci almari and pick up small objects..coins pun boleh!happy she's developed the skill but Freakouttttt jugak. hmmm, skill yg sangat2 terrer is cubit orang!why oh why, tak ingat pun sally and hanan ada pinching phase..huhu.

sekejap je baby ni besar....

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