Monday, November 12, 2012

mizz smarty pants

Peace Yo! Hehe, on the last day of school her school had a "Bollywood" themed party. Hanan dressed up in a saree =) I used a shawl and wrapped it around her body and secured with two pins. Hanan semangat, usually she'll refuse to wear anything girly but since she wanted to win the best dressed award again, sanggup pakai apa saja. T_T

Well, she won something but not the best dressed award although she doesn't know that. Hehe, she said her teachers cakap baju dia cantik sangat so adik menang! Alhamdulillah. she actually won best in academic, I found out later when I looked at her present and told her Adik menang best in academic lah. Hanan: Oh, yelah, adik menang besdedamic =)