About 3 weeks ago all the girls in the house kena horrible stomach flu. I was really miserable as I had a fever together with the vomiting and visits to the loo..huhu. First it was Hanan, then Salma and Sumayya, the finale was mommy! (nasib baik!!) Hadi was finally back from Kerteh to take care of me. Anyway, Sumayya refused food for almost a week and lost quite a lot of weight, sian dia. Orang tua-tua selalu cakap kalau sakit nak pandai kan..so after she recovered, alih-alih je pandai turun from the mattress. We've been teaching her since forever tapi tak pernah nak try on her own. Baik je sakit she did it like a pro, macam dah biasa buat =) Another skill she developed was blowing, hehe, probably she learned that when she wanted to spit up her meds..heheh..


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