Thursday, March 1, 2012

my debob

Lamanya tak blog..ahha...I'm back in std 1, most nights I've got to do home work and study :P Salma started standard one early this year, religious school in the morning and regular school petangnya. I get out of the house at least 4 times a day to send and fetch her from school, angkut si debob and Hanan.

Hanan's in kindy and she loves it. I'm paying extra so that Hanan can stay a bit longer in school to avoid moi having to go out 6 times a day T_T. Where are the other mommies? Pindahla cepat-cepat near our house so we can carpool :( The bus service picks up the children way too early. The afternoon session starts at 1pm but the bus drives by our neighborhood around noon! The school is only 5 mins away!Sian anak-anak, sumayya's milestones..hahah..semua tak direcordkan sebab no time. Man, I never expected life could ever be this hectic. Nevermind that...hmm..we were in Singapore when Sumayya first rolled over by herself, mula-mula she could only do it if one leg was on top of the other when she was on her side. She surprised us about a week before she turned 5 months when she rolled over from lying on her back all by herself. Tapi belum master 5 and a half months barulah golek sana golek sini.

She started baby talk when we got back from Sgpore. "MAMAMAMAMBABABBAABBABA" . yesss..she said mama but now it's only "BABABABABBABA"  Now that she's 7 months there's a lot more screaming especially when she's sleepy.

Hmmm, she could sit up unsupported by 5 and a half months. Loves playing with the masak-masak toy. Now at 7 months her hobby is emptying out the toy bin and pulling off the magnets from the fridge.

I started her on solid food a bit earlier than 6 months because she kept waking up more frequently at night. Makan rice cereal and bottled fruits (yes, saya lenyek mangga and pisang je the rest I have no time man). Now she's already eating nasi lembik! Should start making her bubur nasilah (note to self:MUST DO!)

She has a new smile, senyum ketak gusi sampai comel. Sumayya loves to cuddle, her BFF is her grandpa - asik mintak dokong and senyum meleret, now hates sitting in her car seat as I think she's also tired from having to go out 4 times a day,ermm...what else?

Oh..she knows kiss, fish and cucu (susu). A few days ago started making kissing noise :) When we say kiss, she'll lean and kiss you.

She cannot crawl yet but looks like it's gonna be soon as she can go backwards, just a lil more practice girl!

Momok Maya, hmm..must check ada tak jab for 7 months..

I love my baby :-* mwahhh..ahah


airin diana said...

hye sumayya.debob betull..mcm nak gigit2 pipi dia tau. cute,esp whn u said she knws how to kiss with the sound effect!

ijannina said...

sure you penat kan jd bas mmg mcm tula. dulu masa sek pun I kena naik bas kul 630am even sek tu 5 mins away je. Skarang lg la kan...hope to meet the three angels one day! dah darjah 1 anak dara nie:)