my momey!going to be 11 months soon! she did this earlier today, terkejut saya, sambil2 nak tarik tudung dalam drawers!now she's in the emptying drawers phase. my house is a mess as she takes out everything from the cupboard.

a new skill everyday, tercungap cungap mama dia nak keep up '_'

-says mam when she wants to eat or drink
-said nak a few times
-loves listening to nursery rhymes on my tab, sambil kepala menari nari
-pantang if she sees me carrying a plate, when i sit down she will stand beside me sampaila kenyang, sambil cakap mam mam
- loves holding the fish food container and I don't know why
- already knows what she wants and struggles to get away from me if I take her away from something she wants. I got myself a sprained wrist from struggling dengan budak mimok ni
-loves gadgets! She'll choose a real phone if you make her choose between a toy phone and a mobile. whenever the phone rings she'll put her hand to her ear and say "ahhhh,ahhhh". she almost made me laugh when i was praying by picking up the aircond remote and resting it on her ear saying "ahh,ahh" I guess it didn't work for her so she picked up a toy bottle and did the same.hehe..itu bukan phone sayang
-can say moooooo as in the cow says moooooo
-loves going to the park =)
-loves rice
-her hobby is sitting under the dining table and pushing the chairs out
-can say naan (Hanan), maa (salma)
- yesterday I said to her "cantikla baju sumayya ada gambar cat" then she pointed to the toy cat on the bed..hehe..cute je
- still tak pandai jalan!hehehhe. takpe, i don't know how I'll manage at the post office once she knows how to walk T_T
-anak saya makan kari...ohh yeah =)


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