resepi chilli crabs

Yumsssss,must nor forget this recipe! I was fasting so teringinnnn sangat nak makan chilli crabs. Since I was tired everything was cincai boncai. I think this recipe is Chinese style though I added the udang kering to give it a kick! Ketam berlada lain rasanya

1. Blend 6 fresh chillies + 3 cloves of garlic
2. I tbsp of udang kering
3. About 3 tbsp oyster sauce
4. About 5 tbsp ketchup
Sugar and salt to taste

Fry the udang kering in oil, then add the blended items. Masak sampai masak :P then add the crabs and the sauces. Add water, stir and tutup to let it cook. Add salt n sugar to your liking. Then Nomnomnom =)


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