Monday, December 24, 2012

Hello from Hello Kitty Land Johor Bahru

 The kids really enjoyed the Hello Kitty park. Entrance is RM50/pax and free for kids 3 and below. With each ticket you'll get a card which they'll stamp at every entrance point of each attraction that you can only do once.. the cookie painting, nail saloon, jewellery making, dress up, lagi satu lupa pulak.

 There's only one ride at the park, the spinning tea cup. I think Salma and Hanan went 5 times. All  activities are catered for little girls, I overheard a mother saying to her son " I promise you, this will be the last one!" hahahaha. The lost boy in the girls club.

On the upper floors of the building is the Little Big Club with characters like Barney and Angelina Ballerina. We didn't go there, nasib baik tak beli tix sebab tak sempat, the place closes at 6pm and we only finished the Hello Kitty at 3pm. Nak cover Hello Kitty pun took us 4 hrs macam tu. If you go early you can probably do both, buy two tickets at a discount, I think it's RM85 for two parks.

Come with your bellies full! Food is expensive!! One more thing, remember, you're in Malaysia so you'll have people cutting the line all the time. Serious geram! I don't mind if it's the parents babysitting the baby ke apa, ni adults and teenagers, sekali 6 masuk. Then a family sekali 3 masuk! I told the family yang 6 people masuk, "hey, you can't have 6 people cutting the line" their reply was "group maaa""toilet maaa". Stupid maa is all I said (not out loud T_T ,hahaha)

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MC said...

Totally agree that food is too expensive in Hello Kitty Malaysia. We also hate people cutting queues, but that's just Malaysian attitude, we get so used to it.