Tudung for sale!

Want one of these (tudung, not the kids) come visit my other blog. Bilala my tudung blog nak jadi terhangat di pasaran..hehe...

Silap-silap I'll be the one to wear them all...Mesti Hadi terlopong if he reads this..muahaha

Please-please silalah gelak


RuZaNNa said…
Su, i just realized the tudungs you're selling, some of them sama mcm kat this one online store yg famous itu!
Btw, i'm on beli-tudung-hiatus at the moment.. but nnt i'll blog about your tudung shop ok .. mana tau it will help to pick up the sale :)
Tp to be honest, the brown and pink tudung you're wearing tuh sungguh menggoda ok.. rasa cam nak beli ajeeeee!
suria said…
yeah..mcm sugarscarf rite?takpe on hiatus ye...i know you blogged about all the tudungs you bought..byk gilee!!heheeh..

beli je anne!
I nak beli model u yg kecik 2 org tu bolley..Hanan was supercute in that tudong!
n plus ur tudong cantik2 la..
Noris said…
Su.. I visited your sales blog and I admit that although I am a little anti on these type of tudungs, I actually liked some that you have on your site. But I am super duper broke right now (yes I blame it on my many shopping spreees).. but the good news is that March is bonus month.. so I plan to buy some later k.. Will blog about it, don't worry!!
suria said…
noris..dulu pun i anti tudung ni, but once i bought one, terus nak pakai because it's hassle free..Main sarung aja, no pin tudung or kelepet2 to do..although i think i look better in tudung bawal tapi i don't care..hehhe

mommy nadia..not for sale la ;)

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