Hantu Pocong

Yesterday Salma was drawing something and I asked her what's on the paper..she said "ini house, ini hantu pocong"

WArghhh...I really don't know where she learned the word! Even when we watch the scary drama on TV3 I don't think there ever was a pocong.

I told her that I don't like her drawing hantu, she answered "ini hantu baik" . Haha..baik or not it's really creepy!!! Hadi kept asking her whether she saw it ke apa..hahaha

I'm not sure what pocong is supposed to look like but her drawing takdela like scary ke apa..just a stick figure with a darkened head tengah carrying babah on top of its head..hahah. That part I didn't tell Hadi..lagila dia seram.

Oh..the things children do :|

Some of her non-scary drawings:

Us at the beach

Special Agent Oso :) A thinner Oso


ijannina said…
oh letak laa gambar hantu pocong tu nak tengok hehehe

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