KT Weekend

We were away in KT for the weekend. Lucky for us it didn't rain much so we were able to go jalan-jalan. I love what they have in KT, great playgrounds by the beaches. Manala kat Kerteh ni?Can't Kerteh have some of that money for nicer tempat lepak?We won't mind En Ahmad Said tak nak bukak Giant as long as we get nicer playgrounds.

Salma was so excited to go to the beach but once she saw the park...take a look at her face

This was her favourite, didn't think she would go down the top slide but she did! Berani betul..

Salma the astronaut

We then went to the beach and Salma bought her first kite, but I ended up playing with it and couldn't stop laughing..best betul :) It's been years...yelah takde sebab nak fly a kite pun haha.

This is Hadi's half-smile (er..or 1/4), also a trademark of Hanan's :) Senyum la lebar sikit my love..hehe


Gooseberry//Yo said…
tak sbr nak gi trengganu.salma makin comel
Gooseberry//Yo said…
and muka su very the muka myspace.ahahhaa
jun jusof said…
No no.. I want GIANT huhu kekekeke..
Takpe, nanti auntie buat open letter tu Mat Said k Salma ;)

Haah la, Kodeng mmg smile camgitu ek... pastu gelak dia lagik la trademark, kalo boleh tangkap gamba gelak dia sure klaka abes haha!
suria said…
hi jun,yup...senyum control i guess..tapi gelak tak langsung kan?haha

yo...whatever that means :P btw, kodeng tak suka amik gambar su, so the pics semua sendiri amik ok
Anonymous said…
Kodeng = Skodeng? Rantau folks, you better watchout!!
djdora said…
hi su.. i just found out u have a blog.. salma sudah besar ye ? and so so cute!
suria said…
yeah..nothing substantial pun other than the kids..haha..

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