Just found out that my former colleague at TATI was diagnosed with fourth stage lymphoma late last year. He's now in a hospital in KL doing chemo therapy. Even though the cancer has advanced to the fourth stage there wasn't obvious symptoms that alerted him to go for a check up. He only found out when he went to go for a check up on his kidney stones or something close to that. Please pray that this attempt at chemo will rid his body of the cancer cells.

Anyway, I found this from

Lymphoma Symptoms

Often, the first sign of lymphoma is a painless swelling in the neck, under an arm, or in the groin.

  • Lymph nodes or tissues elsewhere in the body may also swell. The spleen, for example, often becomes enlarged in lymphoma.

  • The enlarged lymph node sometimes causes other symptoms by pressing against a vein or lymphatic vessel (swelling of an arm or leg), a nerve (pain, numbness, or tingling), or the stomach (early feeling of fullness).

  • Enlargement of the spleen may cause abdominal pain or discomfort.

  • Many people have no other symptoms.
Symptoms of lymphoma may include the following: These symptoms are nonspecific. This means that they could be caused by any number of conditions unrelated to cancer. For instance, they could be signs of the flu or other viral infection, but in those cases, they would not last very long. In lymphoma, the symptoms persist over time and cannot be explained by an infection or another disease.


Nurul Ulfa said…
su..actually dah lama dia sakit dan dia ada minta derma untuk rawatan baca entry terbaru ufa..supaya su dan keluarga berhati-hati...
Nurul Ulfa said… nombor security yang terbaru..

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