Cititel and Midvalley

Spent two nights in Cititel Midvalley and managed to remain indoors for two whole days! Longest ever rasanya..

Hadi had work in KL and I had to pickup new stock for my BUSINESS. Haha, sounds funny. Loving my new part time job. Not exactly making money as yet but I love seeing other people wearing the hijabs that I sell. This one day four of my neighbours wore their new tudung on the same day. Memang puas hati =) If I can make money that'll be better lah..haha. InsyaAllah, when more people are aware of the website. Would appreciate people spreading the word around :)

Anyway, enjoyed the two days spent in the mall..haha..sales here and there but we didn't buy much. We only stuffed ourselves lah when kampung people come to the city..we eat and eat and eat. I cannot imagine how fat we'll be if we're living in KL, lagilah if office in KLCC. So many good restaurants and food court pun all yummy stuff. We'll be Mr and Mrs Potato..hoho

Clean room in Cititel but it was really small. Nice breakfast but no swimming pool, but who needs a swimming pool when you have the mall rite?Hehe. Guests could also get discounts from certain stores by displaying the room key. Bestkan? But I was only aware of it masa nak check time ;)


Discovered your Blog today and had a chuckle or two re your adventures in and around Kerteh. I can relate to many things you mentioned and it helps that you write in very good English as my BM is still coming along.
suria said…
glad you enjoyed reading the posts..are you residing in kerteh?
Yes, I'm the resident Orang Puteh living in Bandar Sri Kerteh. Is your father from overseas too?
suria said…
haha,yes, my dad is from America but he's been living here since 1980

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