Monday, March 1, 2010

Pantai Teluk Bidara, Dungun

By far this is the best stretch of beach we've been to in Terengganu. Really beautiful with clear water and clean sand. Cantik sangat! Of course we've never been to the islands lagi, but hopefully the Mr will change his mind and bring us to one of the islands soon :) I bet he's scared of the boat ride,haha.

We found a nice spot which was quite far from where we parked the car. It was somewhere near the cave, yes ada cave!There were huge rocks scattered where the kids swam that blocked the waves so they practically had a small pool for themselves.

We were hoping to get some food but we couldn't find anything close by so we survived on some bahulu and plain water. On the way back we were so famished semua makan kfc in the car cause we wanted to reach home before Isyak. The inside of my car is now so shiny because of the oil!Haha

I guess we couldn't find any food because the beach is quite far from the main road, kena go through perkampungan nelayan. It made me sad to see the conditions of some of the houses there, Terengganu has tons of money but pi beli kapal for RM2 million or 1.2 million, I don't remember, but the state of the rakyat sangat menyedihkan :(

For those visiting Terengganu, stop by Teluk Bidara, you won't regret it :)


ijannina said...

wow the water crystal clear. best! next time sue kena bawak bekal nasik lemak;)

RuZaNNa said...

Thanks for the recommendation!
Will definitely stop by at that area next time around in terengganu.. ehhehhe
Betul, org kata the monsoon cup was one of the activities that the kerajaan negeri paid for, which was a total useless..


hi Suria..
saw ur link from anne and airin's blogroll..airin said u r x-jasin..kebetulan,I'm fren of azwida n aimy anissha..
salam perkenalan..
luv to read ur entries and so envy u hv plenty of time spend with ur 2luvly kids..they were sgt2 cute..look at ur princess kan mcm nak bby gal plak tau!
neway hope u dont mind I include u in my blogroll..:)

p/s:I'm from Trg but I was not agreed too with the state govern..*sigh

AzaMazelan said...! sure i'll put in my places to visit list.. hehe

AzaMazelan said...

wahh.. nmpk best! will add to my places to visit list.. thnx for sharing

Noris said...

Bestnya.. by the sound of it the beach is pretty secluded. Will have to visit Pantai Teluk Bidara on my next trip to Terengganu.. Kalau weekends or musim perayaan bz ker?

suria said...

mommy nadia..thanks for adding me n ur blogroll

noris..yup,pretty secluded. when we were there tak ramai org but lina kata it's usually crowded. her grandma duduk dungun so she's been there more than once. this was our first trip :)

naza said...

hi sue. sikodeng promote ur other blog, so jumpa this blog ;p salma&hanan oh-sangat-lah cute!

yes, teluk bidara mmg best. dah several times gi sana, siap explore cave dia lagi :) tapi jumpa 'tuut', mmg tempat org buat projek, ish.

anyways, saya sgt suka the kampung. sgt charming in a way, jln2 celah rumah org jumpa the beach (sama stretch as the insanely priced tanjung jara beach)

heh, looking forward to more entries ya.

suria said...

thx for dropping by naza..kodeng kata the tudung not ur taste ye..ahhaha..nntla maybe ada diff designs yg tak makcik2 sgt