New Moon Review..haha

When was this movie released?Was it last year?Believe it or not, I only saw it a couple days ago. Sangat menakjubkan cause I was one of the crazy saga readers. After the disappointment I felt from watching Twilight I wasn't in any rush to watch New Moon. Twilight sucked gile!

Surprisingly, New Moon wasn't that bad. Eventhough the actors that portrayed Bella and Edward still tak pandai berlakon, nasib baik ada Jacob to save the movie.Haha..over tak? I felt he was the only one who could really show true emotions, Bella in every scene pun expression same je..arghhh!Edward slightly better than Kristen Stewart but even his acting couldn't convince me that they're in love. B grade actors!!Hehe..

If they had a bigger budget when they made Twilight, who do you think would have grabbed the main roles?

Tom Cruise - Carlisle
Angelina Jolie - Rosalie
Edward - The guy from prison break?

I loved the casting for Aro and Jane..the same sort of people I had in my mind when I read the book ;)


Gooseberry//Yo said…
hmm yo terfikir rory from gilmore girls utk jadi bella..cantik gak kan?
suria said…
dari segi looks cam stewart ok dah..just the acting...hmm..rory ok gak!
alalif said…
dah guy from prison breakkk i was thinkin bout that guy gakkkk utk replace edward tu hahah
suria said…
yup alip..barula sesuai jadi vamp

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