Salma's always testing my limits. When I ask her to do things - gosok gigi, pakai baju, anythingla..her first reaction is to run away and hide. I used to count to three and if she still lari-lari I will put her outside (kejam?). She ended up outside only a few times because after that few times at the count of three she will come running back to me (tapi tetap jugak run and hide - so everytime kena count ok).

Lately, even threatening to put her outside doesn't work anymore. Our daily routines become a struggle, penat-penat. Most of the time I'll end it dengan mencubit dia. I don't like doing it but when you're really tired fingers terus jadi ketam.

So yesterday I told her please jangan naughty-naughty, nanti mama mad, angry and jadi macam monster. Dia buat tak layan aje..then when Hadi repeated the same thing, guess what she said..

"Nanti Salma jadi Ultraman!" sambil buat the ultraman pose..huhu...communication breakdown!


Noris said…
Suria, how are you doing? Lama betul tak borak2 with you kan. Anyway, I just started reading your blog (bos takde kat ofis bole la kan).. and I just have to say that this is the funniest entry I've read.. haha... Children say the funniest things kan.. anak i pun sama, macam tak paham je bila kita marah!!

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