Little black dress

I finished reading a buku susu yesterday. Buku susu are reading materials for when I'm breastfeeding Hanan. It used to be magazines or newspapers but now a book is easier to handle/angkat tinggi-tinggi since Hanan has a thing for kertas. She likes eating paper.

Well, back to the book. It's part of the little black dress collection;I already have a few titles in my book shelf and I love them all. So haritu when we were at Mesra Mall (yes, Mesra Mall lagi..)nak belek-belek books but one kid was trying to grab books off the shelves and another one wanted to pee, and bapak dia pulak kept saying dah ke?So I ended up grabbing The Accidental Virgin without reading the back cover. All the other books semua best...but this one tak langsung. Bad ending, love stories mestila ada happy & logical ending kan if not it ruins the whole book. Dia tak pergi writing school ke?Huhu.


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