Kerteh weekend

Weekend spent the Terengganu style...beach and celup tepung stuff. The sotong celup tepung looks yummy (and not part of a healthy diet) doesn't it? Memang sedap pun :) End gerai at Meraga Beris...but gile banyak lalat!!I had to practically wave my hand above the plate from start makan to finish. :P
From this angle they look so much wonder Hanan gets mistaken for a baby boy all the time. Same thing with Salma when she was a baby. I'd dress her from top to bottom in pink and still people would think she's a boy! Apada...
Hanan managed to grab Hadi's air kelapa and spilled the whole thing. Hanan can always do this with her father...Hadi needs to learn more from the sifu. Here's the sifu with a bored looking Hanan.
The waves were pretty high..nobody was swimming...not until May I guess.

(Kemasik beach - Salma collecting sea shells, wants to put it in the aquarium)


Anonymous said…
sue... best kan weekend jek ade aktiviti famili... byk sket masa sejak jd suriruma ni yer... mesti everyday tgu ujung mgu.. kan kan kan...? erm.. air kelapa tu tak rasa sabun ker???
suria said…
alo..sape ni?haha..rasa sabun?kadang2 terkena jugak...tapi haritu ok je :)

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