Hanan ada gigi!

Wow..I'm busier than ever. Being a SAHM is surely not easy peasy, especially after having had a live in helper for two and a half years. Now I'm back to hanging, folding clothes, doing all the dishes, mopping the floor etc. Hehe, I haven't touched a mop in two and a half years until 2 days ago. Huhu

But one thing that surprised me is that I'm loving it. Now I'm getting to know Hanan better, she's such a funny baby and quite demanding at times, especially when she insist that I pimpin her to circle the living room ( she still prefers not to crawl :P).

Just yesterday night I relized that Hanan dah tumbuh gigi! Salma had her first tooth when she was about 10 months, the same time she started tatih. So hopefuly with the tooth out, Hanan pun will start walking soon! :)


Gooseberry//Yo said…
coolie...post la gambar..aiyo..su..kalau bosan2 tag la yo..bosan gile takde kawan blog!!see u tmorroww!

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