Hanan dah ada 4 gigi!



A 9 month old generally has reached the following milestones:

Shows parachute reflex to protect self from falling- now she normally falls on her bottom and not hit her head on the floor

Is able to crawl- yes, albeit not loving it

Remains sitting for prolonged periods- yes

Pulls self to standing position- yes, she's already cruising

Has a pincer grasp between thumb and index finger-yes, that's how she picks up lint from the carpet

Feeds self - everyday, makes my life so much easier that I don't have to follow her every move (I used to do this with Salma)...if only I don't have to clean up the mess

Throws or shakes objects - yes, throws her food on the floor!!

Achieves "object constancy", the understanding that objects continue to exist even when not seen - yes, pandai dah kalau kita sorok barang

Responds to simple commands- yes, tepuk tangan and bye-bye

Responds to name - yes

Understands the meaning of "no" - not sure

Imitates speech sounds - yes, she also loves to make brrrrrrrrrrrrrr noises. She can also say kah for cat.

May be afraid of being left alone- very, I vacuum/sweep the floor & wash dishes with Hanan, either dokong or in a sling.

Plays interactive games - yes


To aid the development of the 9 month old:

Provide picture books
Provide different stimuli: Go to the mall (people) , Go to the zoo (animals)
Play ball
Build vocabulary by reading and naming people and objects in the environment
Teach hot and cold through play
Provide large toys that can be pushed to encourage walking


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