Taman Rekreasi and Mini Zoo Kemaman

This pic has nothing to do with the zoo :) My girls, especially Hanan, make silly faces all the time! Rasa nak cubitttt and gigit je! Haritu I was teaching Salma her Bacalah Anakku book which her school uses for teaching the kids Bahasa Melayu. We were reading A, I, U and bila sampai part I, ada pictures of itik, ikan and ibu..guess what she said for ibu?BIBIK..hahaha...it was so funny!The ibu in the book was wearing a tudung that is similar to what the bibiks around here are wearing, nampak macam tudung awning yang pendek..haha. Kids say the funniest things.

Here are some pics of the mini zoo. Salma's standing in front of an 'elephant'. The real elephants were missing!I heard some guy telling his kids that the elephants were on loan so kena pulang balik. There weren't a lot of animals but the kids enjoyed it. Ada two giant fish, an otter, 2 bears, kasawari, ostriches and lots of other birds. Even the Assalamualaikum bird pun ada. That was Salma's favourite at Melaka zoo :)

The zoo's pretty shaded and Alhamdulillah no mosquitoes! I was expecting the zoo to be hot since it's still new, rupa-rupanya they just added the roads and structures inside the forest so they've got really tall langsat, manggis trees etc in the zoo. No wonder a lot of fuss was made during the announcement of Terengganu having its own zoo. What they did was just change the animals' natural habitat and turned it into cages. Kesian the bears, banyak sangat feces dalam kandang dia :( I hope they take better care of the bears.

Well, everybody had fun and we'll definitely visit again to check on the bears :)

For more info, visit http://mpk.terengganu.gov.my/web/guest/zoo


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