Our weekend

Salma and the beanstalk..my pokok kacang boto

She's always sticking out her tongue like that..geram!!

Yay..Hanan can climb all the way up..

Clown no.1, clown no.2

Salma@Kuala Kerteh

Last weekend was great! After 5 years or more we finally went bowling. It was reeally fun but my scores were terrible! During the second game the kids were really bored so when it was my turn I just baling je the bowling ball so that i could do it real quick and get back to the girls..which ended up with me cleaning the longkang and scored my all time low = 50!!!Haha

In the evening we went to the new playground at Kuala Kerteh. We haven't been there in a while and it looks really different now. Beach dah kena tambak, I'm not sure if they have other things planned for that place. My suggestion is a place where we can makan-makan by the beach :) Paka is the place to go to now if you want to do that, it's about time Kerteh pun ada at least one.

When it was about time for us to go home, it was nearly Maghrib, we noticed that the crowd was bigger. Hmm..apehal pulak Maghrib orang nak keluar. They were actually orang kampung Kuala Kerteh waiting for a fisherman that has been lost at sea for four days!Kesian sangat, we were having such a great time while at the same time a family is waiting anxiously for their loved one to return. I hope he makes it back safely.

Oh, and Hanan screamed bloody murder when she saw a goat heading in her direction. Haha,it was really funny..she got over it and afterward enjoyed looking at the goats :)


RuZaNNa said…
Comelnya Salma in the picture where she did the 'peace' sign.. ada gaya model la.. dtg masa ari tuh quite aje.. heheh..
suria said…
yeah...dia mmg pemalu :)
ijannina said…
su! you planted kacang botol? so rajin!!! impressed amat:)
suria said…
hehe..nak yg organic konon2nya
alalif said…
nice pic...cunnn la kak su gambar hanan tu
suria said…
alif,su yang amik..heh..kodeng/hadi beli nikon d5000 :)

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