Happy Birthday!

The girls with their party hats, made a day before Hadi's birthday and secretly stashed away with the present and card. I told Salma to keep it a secret but when Hadi got home from work she said 'kita ada present for babah tapi it's a secret'.hoho

Homemade cupcakes, the cake tak berapa sedap but the icing is yummy.

Birthday guy with his two girls..Hanan yang extra semangat. I left the lighter on the table while I went to get the camera..when I came out dia tengah petik-petik the lighter to light up the candles!

Happy Birthday Bebop! We love you!!


hleni@yahoo.com said…
so cute!!! siap buat birthday cake lagi, rasa tak penting tapi effort tu yg mahal:)))
Noris said…
Happy Belated birthday Kodeng!!
Cute sangat tengok Hanan tiup candle.
lina said…
Sue, cakap kat Kod Happy Belated Birtday. Rajin Sue buat cupcake :)
ijannina said…
you made ur own cake dear! impressive! and very romantic;). I can never do that haha.
suria said…
haha..i have to earn my keep, tu yg buat cake :)
noorulhawa said…
Wah rajinnya Su buat cupcakes.. They look so pretty!!

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