Hanan's pot pet

Hanan is nearly two and her vocab is expanding rapidly. Now she can string four words together! Sometimes she'll just bebel about whatever comes to her mind. A few days ago she said something like this.

Hanan: Jangan uat adik (Salma was trying to look at Hanan's book) . Tadi o'-o'. Otot akit (bontot sakit). Wash babah.

Haha..sangat berterabur. Suddenly cerita o'-o' pulak. Sometimes when she needs to do no. 2 she'll say sakit otot. We don't know whether she truly sakit or it's actually sakit perut...I guess we'll never know.

She's also still repeating after us. Salma will tell her not to repeat after her because she finds it irritating! Other times Salma finds it funny cause memang funny pun :)

We've just started toilet training her. She pees easily in the bowl but refuses the potty. The floor would be her second choice or maybe first! She o'-o' twice on the floor within the last 3 weeks. Huhu. Well, anything outside the diaper is progress!Haha


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