Salma's first day of school

Yesterday was Salma's first day of school. I don't know why but I had trouble sleeping the night before her first day..just like nights before exams!Pelik betul. Hadi took the day off so all of us sent her in the morning. My little girl did not cry at all..a year before she was all clingy and cried when I tried to leave her at the taska. Yesterday she went into her class easily without any fuss. I was surprised to see none of the girls crying..all of the criers were boys!Hehe..tak machola.

Asked her what she did on her first day, she said singing.1 atas satu bawah is her teacher's favorite song. Today she said she drew an alien riding a scooter ( we promised her a scooter if she goes to school).

After the first day of school she said her arm was tired because she had to draw an arrow and a rocket :)

Hanan would ask 'ane ama?' repeatedly every morning. Kesian dia. She misses her sister and we know because she hugged Salma when we picked her up at school today. Usually, whenever Salma tried to hug her she'll just push her away.

Update: Third day and she's already skipping to school.


iza said…
Salma & Hanan are super cute la Su..
Saya nak anak pompuan jugak la.. (not now, also not next year InsyaAllah).
Tp teringin..

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