Duta Village, Kuantan

Salma, her new donkey and Hanan, right before Hanan jumped off into the deep end. Luckily she had her floats on!

We saw some guys para sailing. It looked like so much fun, but I don't know how to swim! :( Nice beach though, landai.

Salma parked her donkey under my handbag, when I lifted the bag the donkey escaped at super speed!I had to run after the float..haha...malu betul, adalah about 30meters :P People were laughing at me..hoho

First time Hanan really enjoyed the beach.Usually she'll be brushing off sand from her feet and complaining about it. This time siap mandi lagi :)

Me and Mr No smiley..hahaha. I'll be lucky to get a pic of him smiling. Thanks Hadi for a nice weekend getaway :) and congratulations on getting a nice hotel at a good price.


ijannina said…
best la asik jln, ashman tak pernah pergi pantai lagik. xde pantai best dekat sini hehe. hanan actually same age ngan ashman kan, born 2008 rite?
hleni said…
tgk gambar mama and ayah dia...sorang salma and sorang lagi hanan uhuks!!!
Gooseberry//Yo said…
cantik sgt mata hanann
suria said…
datangla east coast mon :) yup, Hanan feb 08.

a'a k leni...best dpt anak muka lain2..lps ni mcm mana pulak agaknya :)

tq yo..i think she got it from me..hahaahahaha..proyo
Noris said…
Bestnya swimming in the sea..hehe..

Sue, my entry on Cameron
highlands is up..
AzaMazelan said…
wah.. seronoknye g jalan2.. wknd nih awin kene keje.. huhu.. boring.. nway.. room dia ok x? customer service die ok x?

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