Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cameron Highlands

Bestnyaaaaa cuti-cuti Malaysia!!Been ages since we went on a holiday, it was truly a refreshing change :) Loved the weather, macam konon-konon kat US balik..hehe. It was cool in the mornings, tengah hari dah start panas but tak peluh then at night macam early autumn in Purdue..huhu..bestnyaaaaaa!! I think what I loved most about Cameron was that I didn't sweat :)

We stayed at Century Pines in Tanah Rata. We booked the hotel through where we got it cheaper by RM80 compared to the hotel's rack rate. 

We arrived close to 2pm, so after we checked in terus cari makan. Hmphh..the only thing I didn't like about Cameron was that there's no nice restaurants...banyak mamak and food court ala-ala dekat Shell Bangi :P We found a place in Brinchang which is further up from Tanah Rata. Ok jugak food dia sambil layan cerita dongeng Hansel & Gretel versi Indon :) 

We did more driving tengok-tengok tempat then drove back to Tanah Rata where we stopped by Opah's Strawberry place and had some ice cream, scones and lollipops! Sedap! We didn't pick strawberries tho, she said to come in the mornings kalau nak petik, all the ripe ones dah dipetik orang. Later the kids played at the park which is right across from our hotel. We had dinner at Marrybrown's (my first time), the kids loved it cause they get to eat their dinners on a swing. Entertainment for the kids tapi mak bapak nak makan susah.

Next morning after breakfast we visited the Butterfly Park. The kids loved it, nice enough place but if aquaria is a 10, I rate the butterfly park 2..huhu. There were dead animals inside some displays..sampai keras kejung dah lizard dalam cage tu..hehe. The place was not well kept, due to management and the visitors. I saw a boy peeling his chewing gum from the foil, the packet and the paper wrapper was already thrown on the ground. I asked him not to litter and to pick up the trash, guess what the did, he threw the foil on the ground with gusto. I felt like slapping him, he's about 12 and should know better! :P

In the afternoon we visited the Bharat tea plantation, this is further up from Brinchang..jauh jugak. We should've stopped by the one on the way up to Tanah Rata - it's a valley so you'll get nicer photos :) We ordered some more scones, this time it came with a couple strands of hair on top..haha..gross but we were hungry. So hentam sajalah

Next we went to the Rose Valley, bestnya tengok all the roses! The kids loved the place too because inside there's a slide, lotsa swings, a bridge some animals. Nice flowers tapi still, I'd rate it a 4 kot. There's a lot of prospect to make the place nicer but I guess since they earn enough they don't bother. It was fun non the less :) I even went down the slide! Nasib my backside tak tersekat..hehe

Next we went shopping! Hehe, kat pasar tepi jalan je and also another pasar in Brinchang. They have it everyday during school holidays. You can get cheap veggies and strawberries there. In the evenings the strawberries are a lot cheaper so nak makan tunggu petang ye. Dah penat dah ni but the day won't be complete until the kids get to play at the layan je lah. One good thing is that there are no mosquitoes at the park..hurray! 

Malam Hadi tapau from the food court, macam-macam ada rasa pun sedap sebab dah lapar, hehe..satay je tak masak.

The next day we wanted to stop by the waterfall by the road on our way down tapi we couldn't get a parking spot near by and the kids were asleep so terpaksala say bye-bye je. It would've been nice tho, it looked beautiful :)

We also stopped by Mardi in Tanah Rata for some veggies and potted plants. It surprised me that the plants at Rose Valley looked healthier than the ones at Mardi. Lagi pandai pakcik Bangladesh tu jaga. 

Hehe..Hanan got car sick from all the winding roads..hehe...lawak je, she thought it was due to the aircond so she made us roll down the windows. I made her lie down barula ok.
Thanks Mr Kod for a nice stop??Tioman??hehe..tunggu baby keluar dulu


iza said...

nampak syokkk... mesti best!

suria said...

bestt! baru ada chance nak berjalan2..dulu duduk jauh dari parents..rasa bersalah kalau pergi jalan tak balik kg..hehe.sekarang bila2 boleh..hooray!

lucky said...

nice! :D

Ijannina said...

Best ek? Berapa jam from kl? I pun ada car sick so xberani lg nk pg highlands takut x terjaga ashman.

suria said...

about 2.5 hrs je mon, not so bad if you close your eyes..hehe

Ijannina said...

Hahaha igt x sue I got sick when we ride ape ke benda ntah kt sunway lagoon while in PPP... But i like the cold weather part. Will think about it:)