Kung Fu Panda

Yesterday we watched kung fu panda..kat mana lagi kalau bukan Mesra Mall!!hehe.

Loved the movie, the funniest cartoon I've watched in a while. I've never watched the first one so I don't know which one is better but the 2nd one made me laugh out loud and cry (hehe..satu scene je ye). Salma too was overcome by emotion but she didn't understand why her eyes got watery. She asked me why her eyes hurt and keluar tears..haha..apala. First time nangis bukan sebab orang buat dia kot.

Yesterday we had KFC for dinner and Hanan's order was chicken balls. She stuffed two in her mouth and tried to say Kung Fu Panda because there was one part where the panda stuffed 40 dumplings in his mouth

Me: Hanan! Don't!Dangerousla nanti tercekik!Kung Fu Panda boleh buat sebab dia pandai Kung Fu and gemuk.

Hanan:Oooo, so mama boleh sebab mama gemuk??

Me: T_T waaaaaaaaaaaa


airin diana said…
haha funny hanan! kalau su bley amik gambar dia at that time, mesti cute gile!
wanting to watch kung fu panda! since su kata best, we'll find some time to watch it.
iza said…
sedih kan masa mak dia nak tinggalkan dia dlm kotak? iza pun nangis... mcm real..
yg first one pun klakar giler.. tgk la.
tp second lagi lawak.

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