Thursday, March 26, 2009

Perpustakaan Kerteh

Here's the kids at the local library. A few weeks ago I got lost(?, tak logic rite)in Kerteh looking for some other shop when I saw the signboard, a library! It's right next to RHB, macam tak percaya. I've been spending money unwisely at the bookstore since the mall opened, RM40 for a book?! Books shouldn't be that expensive kan?

Well, we finally managed to go there two days ago. I wasn't expecting anything really but masuk je I saw one of the titles still on display at the bookstore!!I'm thrilled, the kids pun happy, they decorated the place with teddy bears so I had a hard time trying to control Hanan though. Salma's also happy that she could also borrow books, and the children's books are way better than the ones at Mesra Mall although ada juga yang dah nak reput.

Syabas state goverment!Every Saturday they have activities for the kids which starts at 10am. Hopefuly we'll make it this coming Sat.

Oh, they also have PCs with Internet connection! (sungguh tak percaya)


sheri said...

wow, bagusnya! perpustakaan negara should learn from this.. library kat kb pun mcm gempak je. siap buat read aloud session semua for the kids.. really good! happy for the kids

monina said...

adakah mummy-nyer yg guna internet di perpustakaan utk melayari FB? hahaha

iza said...

hi org lame kerteh... baru tau ke??
lame dah la library tu..
tp, tak pernah bawak budak2... sungguh tak ilmiah la saye ni.
bagus ni, contoh yg baik.. next time la, kite gi library..

MIHLYLE said...

wow maju tu kerteh... puncak alam pun xde library...