Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Funny Sally

Yesterday while eating her chicken wing Salma asked me this:

Salma : Mama, mana head chicken ni, macam head Salma?

Me: Ada dekat pasar dah kena potong

Salma: Nanti ayam tu matilah

Me: Yela, kena mati baru boleh makan

Salma: Dia mati kat mana mama?

Me: Mati dekat farm

Salma: Oh, farmer tu jahat!

Haha, then she babbles apa entah lagi

A few months ago while waiting in the car with the kids, the car next to us reversed, then Salma cakap "Mama, car kita dah pandai move sendiri". It seemed to her that our car was moving forward.

Last year when my uncle passed away because of semput I told Salma about it and said we shouldn't smoke cigarettes because it's bad for us. This was the first time we talked about death, so a few days after she was still talking about it, how tok's sister (never can remember brother) dah mati. Then I asked kenapa? She said sebab isap kuih. I was confused then barulah ingat that she'd probably never seen anybody with a cigarette and all this while dia dok ingat kuih rokok!!hahah...funnyla Salma ni

She's now in the phase of saying "penatnyaaa" everytime she doesn't want to do things I ask her to do...sounds a lot like me :P


sheri said... excuses eh kalau tak nak buat something is it? she's so comel la. gotta get ready ey with all the answers to those non-stop questions

Gooseberry//Yo said...

hahahha klakar gila.hahahha isap kueh tu takleh blah..adoiyai~
comel yo amik cite su ni post kt blog yo layan gile.